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Tips For Better Indoor House Plants

A mixture of rubbing alcohol and water can be diluted and sprayed on any leaves that appear to have pests. If no alcohol is available use water and dish soap. Pests are not very harmful to plants if you don’t mind the yellowing leaves. Some plants however are poisonous to pets and children. Take care to purchase the right plants for your home.

If a new plant doesn’t like the area of the home that it has been placed in it will surely let you know. It is common for new plants to lose some leaves when acclimatizing to a house. If the new growth is stunted or begins to die, change locations to either more or less sun. It may take a month or more for your plant to show new growth after being repotted or moved. This is normal and patience is key. Also observe the humidity of the area. Never let the leaves touch a cold window.

Test the soil by placing your finger in up to your knuckle. If the plant is dry then water it. Be sure not to water log your plants. Adequate drainage is important to protect your plants roots from rotting and molding. Plants in pottery need to be watered a little more often than plants in plastic pots as the water is absorbed by the pottery quicker.

Some homes are not equipped with enough lighting to sustain certain plants. Artificial lighting can be used in place of sun in these cases. Some plants do better under this light. It is also helpful to place quartz chips on the soil for reflection. Aluminum foil can be used as well. Plants grown in an atrium are a nice possibility for apartments. Fish bowls and tanks work nicely and can be placed in the bathroom.The humidity being higher usually.Window boxes are great for small flowering plants.

I recommend palm trees because they grow fast and therefore you can see the results quicker. Following these tips will ensure you healthy and happy plants for years to come. Plants should be a relaxing part of your life. Never fear the death of a plant and begin a new leaf on life today.

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