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Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Individual Training Sessions

When coaches and trainers are given the opportunity to work with their athletes in a one-on-one setting, capitalizing on that time is critical. This is especially so in team-based sports where the demand for time and attention can be high. Fortunately, there are ways to make individual training sessions, no matter how few and far between, pay off more for everyone involved.

When teams introduce the right training and assessment tools into the mix everyone can benefit. The best tools combine sensor and visual inputs with advanced computerized analysis. This enables trainers to easily and effectively create individualized training plans that can help athletes take positive steps forward.

The benefits of using advanced assessment tools to oversee individualized training include:

o A more in depth analysis of current performance levels – It’s hard during a normal season of play to pinpoint training and performance flaws in individual players. When assessment tools are used properly, coaches and trainers can easily see the individual and his or her strengths or weaknesses. These tools make it much more precise to measure strength, speed, agility and even stamina. Plus, they provide keen visual insights that can enable trainers to spot minor form flaws that can impact performance. These features combine to give trainers a very clear picture of how an athlete is doing and what might need to be done to make future performance even better.

o A better way of prescribing individualized training – When a full assessment is completed, trainers can clearly see what might need to be accomplished to move an athlete forward. If there are deficiencies that need to be overcome, these tools will find them. If there are strengths that can be capitalized on for enhanced performance, those will shine through as well. The baseline measurements are ideal for use in prescribing personalized training plans.

o A smarter way to gauge improvements – The beauty of advanced assessment tools lies in the fact they can be used again and again to mark improvements as they occur. For some athletes, even the smallest steps forward can translate into big gains on the field of play. Keeping up with forward momentum can be critical.

o Higher motivation levels – Convincing a quarterback that has had an outstanding season that more work needs to be done can be though. This is not the case when that quarterback can clearly see his throwing strength has room for improvement or that speed is lacking in the running department. Assessment tools deliver the measurements that can motivate individuals to act and keep working toward goals.

o Better use of time – Trying to analyze an entire baseball team might take a training staff days and days of overtime. This isn’t the case when the right assessment tools are relied upon. Trainers can quickly and accurately gain the input they need to help their athletes achieve goals as individuals to benefit an entire team.

Even in team sports, individual training matters. When it’s time to get more out of this prospect, training and assessment tools can become critical. When the right devices are put into action, everyone can benefit from the results they help provide.

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