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Tips For Understanding Hair Loss Remedies And Treatments

The average human head has about 100,000 hair follicles; each follicle can grow about 20 individual hairs during a person’s lifetime. Statistics show that most men have a 50% chance of experiencing hereditary hair loss by their 50th birthday. The normal cycle of hair growth lasts from two to six years.

Some mycotic infections can cause massive hair loss. One type of baldness is called traction alopecia, which is most commonly found in people with ponytails or cornrows who pull on their hair with excessive force. Fungal infections of the scalp can cause hair loss in children which is easily treated with antifungal medicines.

Hair loss may occur if male or female hormones, known as androgens and estrogens, are out of balance; correcting the hormone imbalance may stop the hair loss. Some drugs or medications can cause hair loss, which improves when you stop taking the medicine; medications that can cause hair loss include blood thinners, medicines used for gout, and chemotherapy drugs used for cancer, too much vitamin A supplementation, birth control pills and antidepressants. Wearing a hat generally shouldn’t cause baldness, though it’s a good idea to give your scalp a rest and let it breathe for several hours a day.

Correcting a hormone imbalance may prevent further hair loss. Hypothyroidism can cause it, especially thinning of the outer third of the eyebrows. Tumors and skin growths can also induce localized baldness.

Go a more natural way with treatment if possible; taking hair loss drugs require many months of exposure to chemicals. Propecia is available with a prescription; comes in pill form, is only for men and may take up to six months before you can tell if it is working. Minoxidil is a very expensive drug, costing about one hundred dollars per month for daily treatment.

Hair loss treatments and remedies range in price from free to expensive. Stress reduction can be helpful in slowing loss. Please be aware there are side effects and serious side effects sometimes with the drugs that are commonly used for hair loss.

Immunosuppressants applied to the scalp have been shown to temporarily reverse alopecia areata, though the side effects of some of these drugs make this therapy questionable. Studies done on subjects of various ages suggests that weight training alone may increase testosterone in studies where aerobic exercise only was compared to either weight training or a moderately sedentary life. There are prescription drugs, herbal remedies and topical applications.

Russian cure with honey and vodka remedy for hair loss – combine one tablespoon honey with one jigger of vodka and the juice of a medium-size onion; rub mixture into the scalp every night, cover with a cap and shampoo in the morning. Apple cider vinegar used as a hair rinse may stimulate hair growth. Rub vitamin E oil into the scalp nightly.

Make sure to test remedies on a small area first and check with your hair loss doctor or skin doctor before trying any natural home remedy if it includes any irritating ingredients. Vodka and cayenne remedy for loss – mix one jigger of vodka with a 1/2 teaspoon of cayenne pepper (test on skin first for sensitivity) and rub it on the scalp; blood rushes to the hair follicles stimulated by the vodka and cayenne pepper – be careful if you try it. Try scalp massage every day.

Saw Palmetto is an herbal DHT inhibitor often claimed to be cheaper and have fewer side effects than finasteride and dutasteride; unlike other 5alpha-reductase inhibitors, saw palmetto induces its effects without interfering with the cellular capacity to secrete PSA (protein specific antigen). Olive oil and rosemary remedy – use equal amounts of olive oil and oil of rosemary; combine them in a bottle, shake vigorously, massage into the scalp, put on a cap and shampoo in the morning. Massage the scalp nightly with oil made of one part rosemary oil and two parts almond oil.

Raw onion remedy – take half a raw onion and massage the scalp with it; cover the head overnight, shampoo and rinse in the morning. Beta Sitosterol, which is a constituent in many seed oils, can help to treat BHP (benign prostatic hypertrophy) by lowering cholesterol; but consuming large amounts to get at small quantities of beta sitosterol is likely to exacerbate male pattern baldness. Asian remedy for hair loss – rub sesame oil on your scalp every night, cover with a cap or old towel; in the morning wash with an herbal shampoo, rinse with a solution of one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in one quart of water.

Concentrate on boosting your immune system to give your hair the best chance to regrow. Remember that any drugs you take for hair loss will be a long term commitment; consider the risks to your health before doing this. Remember that regrowing hair is a slow process so don’t look for results overnight for any remedy or treatment you try.

For more information on hair loss remedies and hair loss products go to a nurse’s website specializing in hair loss treatments, causes and resources for men, women and children including information on hair transplants and hair loss natural treatments