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Tips On How to Bump Up Your Immune System Against Swine Flu

How strong is your immune system to fight off the swine flu? An impaired immune system may increase your vulnerability in the flu season. There are signs you should be aware of that lower your ability to fight off viruses.

1. Dehydration – by drinking plenty of water will flush away toxins If your urine is light yellow, your fluid intake is adequate.

2. Hit with constant stress – the immune system can weaken by prolong stress. If you have the flu when stressed, symptoms can get worse noted – PhilipTierno, PhD, Director of Clinical Microbiology and Immunology at New York University.

3.Dry nasal passages – Germs have easy access. A runny nose, traps and clears viruses. Solutions for minor irritation is helped with nasal saline nose spray or a dehumidifier in room. If no relief contact your doctor.

4. Easily attract colds – Your immune system needs to be checked. Typically 3 colds, lasting for 3-4 days is normal. More colds could point to low resistance.

5. Sugar lover – 5 hours after consumption, it interfers with the white blood cells ability to kill bacteria.- A study published in the American Journal of Nutrition.

The best defense is old fashion handwashing using water, soap lather, friction and rinse well to fight germs and viruses. If you have no water present, a hand sanitizer gel containing 60% or more alcohol will be effective in getting rid of outer layer bugs.

The extent that germs occupy is hard to realize, as door knobs, toilet seat, refrigerator, microwave etc. OOPS! Don’t share the toothpaste tube. Most people touch their brush to the opening tip and germs can be passed by this mode. No sharing here.

When you shield up against the germs and viruses, they grumble and gripe but have no choice but to pack their grip and leave. This victory battle is yours.

If you feel something brewing, use prevention before a cold or flu overtakes you. Your goal is to keep your immune system in tip top shape. By choosing compounds that boost white blood cells, interleukins and proteins that the immune system relies on will help bump up your system. Use your creative brain in common sense strategy against the swine flu as:

* Use a pen or pencil to press elevator buttons

* Use a tissue, glove or key to press ATM buttons

* Keep a safe distance between the person coughing or sneezing – 5 feet distance. It’s approximately an arm’s length distance.

You can use these helpful suggestions to shield yourself against the swine flu.

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