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Tips On Planning A Dance Show For Your Pupils

Having a concert or recital at the end of the year gives your students something to look forward to and keeps them working right until the end instead of slacking off.

Having an end of year dance show or concert takes a lot of hard work, so before you decide to do it, first look at what is involved.

First of all you need to be very clear to your pupils what is expected of them and make sure that all your parents and pupils have the time and commitment to make the show come together. You will need to relentlessy communicate with your students to make sure everyone has the correct costumes, dates, rehearsal times, ect.

It is a good idea to have a Facebook group or blog going for this, as it is easier to keep everyone informed of the latest goings on in this way. It is also a great way to promote your show to outsiders.

Next you will need a troop of volunteers. Put a list up in your studio asking for volunteers for various duties.. You will need costume makers, runners, babysitters and chaperones, and it is always great to have as much help as you can back stage on the day to ensure things run smoothly. You can perhaps reward your helpers with free tickets to see their children performing.

Make sure there is a responsible adult that can check that small children are collected by their parents and make sure that no child goes missing backstage. Keeping young children occupied while waiting is also a good idea. Make sure that everyone involved knows where the fire escape is in case of an emergency.

Other people you may need are photographers, videographers, program sellers and a stage manager, so you will need to work this into your budget and book everyone well ahead of time.

Once all the above is in place and you have booked your venue and rehearsal dates, it is time to start planning your actual show.

When planning your show, you will need to decide on a theme or story line for your concert or display. It is always more entertaining to the audience if there is a general theme or story line than just random pieces of work.

Once you have decided what theme to use, the hard part comes in. This is the process of finding music to suit your theme, and working out how your show will run.

Make a list of all your students and decide who is going to do what. Make sure that if some pupils are in more than one number that there is enough time for costume changes. Try using a spreadsheet program like Excel to help you stay organized..

If you have planned your performance properly, the teaching of the dances, depending on your students capabilities, shouldn’t take longer than two months. Always choose appropriate costumes for the number you are doing as well as the age groups of the dancers..

By preparing and planning your show well in advance, you will be far less stressed and be able to enjoy the process along with your students.

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