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Tips So You Are Not Deceived By A Date Setup Online

Since the advent of the Internet, online dating seems to be the next generation’s way of falling in love and getting married.

With online dating, it seems that no one needs to be alone anymore. Everybody is bound to find the right man or woman through the help of online dating services. Best of all, online dating provides additional services that no other services can provide; and, because of the many interactive features that most sites give, more and more people are being enticed to try it out.

One of the greatest advantages of online dating is that it gives the person anonymity. Since, other people are not fully aware of how an individual looks and what kind of person they are dealing with; anonymity becomes a powerful tool in the process of interaction with other people.

With anonymity, most people are able to say what they would never disclose in person. In addition, most people have a lot of time analyzing their dates first before they decide to meet them in person. In this way, they get to know who the person is, his or her personality, or what does he or she looks like even if it is only through pictures.

However, anonymity can also be too powerful tool to gain a person’s attention through deceptions and lies.
Therefore, if you wish to know whether the other person is deceiving you, here are some tips.

1. Be wary of those who exaggerate or evade things that are too obvious not to notice.

This could mean that the other person is trying to hide something. People can be very deceiving online, so it pays to be aware and look for clues about his/her truthfulness.

Moreover, exaggeration may suggest that the person trying to cover something. Do they try to change the topic at once? Be wary.

2. Inconsistency

If your date tells the same story several times and you pick up discrepancies in the tale, suspect lies.

3. If the other person does not reveal too much of his or her personal information or anything about him or her, chances are, he or she may be deceiving their online dates.

In reality, there is no harm on not revealing anything about certain information. In fact, it is one way of dating safely online.

However, there are situations wherein an individual has to know something about his or her date just to gain a little knowledge about the other person. This usually includes basic information like name, age, likes or dislikes, and other light information that could give the concerned person some solid basis of the person.

So, for people who do not reveal much about who they are, it means that they are hiding something.

4. Intuitions

It may be too vague or too amusing to believe in intuition. Nevertheless, there are many cases and stories wherein people who rely on their intuition usually get positive results.

Intuition is something that is known to exist without the support of rational basis. Hence, if you feel that your online date is not telling the truth, then, chances are you are right.

Experts say that through intuition, the individual’s subconscious thought can identify inconsistencies that are not easily noticed. This can be very helpful especially when somebody is a skilled liar.

5. It would be better for some people to ask their online date to have a chat using a web cam. In this way, they will both see each other’s looks, personalities, and other things that can only be verifiable through web cams.

Here, an individual can detect a person who is trying to deceive him or her when he or she does not want to use a web cam or if there are just too many excuses.
The bottom line is that if the other person has nothing to lie about, then, everything must be kept simple and straightforward. There should be no beating around the bush while answering questions.

In reality, online dating that is free from any deceptions should be simple and based on truth, no more, no less.

By Abbas Abedi-To get more info you might take a look at my blog Online Dating Tips