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Tips to Help Prevent Acne

People often think that a diet high in fats and sugars is the cause of acne. This is because people who have a non-westernized diet often also enjoy a marked absence of this disease. Scientific studies have not been able to prove that this is the case, however, a healthy diet will surely keep you and your skin in better general health than one that consists primarily of junk foods.

What can make acne worse?
· Pomades and de-frizzing agents that are used to treat curly hair. Blackheads will often pop up at the hairline after treating your hair with these products.
· Excessive sweating and humidity. Sweating causes the formation of oil that can become blocked in the pores of the skin. Constantly wiping sweat from the face can irritate the skin and increase the amount of bacteria on it.
· Coming into contact with mineral or cutting oils. If these products are handled in the course of work, take care to keep them from coming into contact with skin.
· Suntan oils can worsen acne in some people.
· Tight clothing such as bra straps and headbands can cause sweating which makes pimples form.
· Some kinds of cosmetics.
· Corticosteroids and anti-epilepsy drugs. Never discontinue medication without the advice of your physician.
· Pregnancy; some women find it helps, while for others it worsens acne.
· Anger and stress. When hormone levels soar, oil production is increased. Overproduction of oil causes acne. So stay cool.

Some people think that celibacy causes acne and so sex will cure it, but that is a myth. What can help acne? There are many acne treatments available. Some have not been scientifically proven to help in the treatment of acne. However, sometimes a combination of treatments seems to improve the condition.

If home treatment is preferred, here are some things you can do.

· Medicated concealer sticks are available. They should not be used on the whole face, just on a zit or two as it flares up.
· Use oil-free make-up.
· Personal hygiene. Always wash your hands before applying make-up.
· Always remove make-up at night.
· Don’t wash your face excessively. This will dry and irritate the skin. Twice a day with a mild soap is enough.
· If your skin is dry, use a non-oily moisturizer.
· A little dab of pure tea-tree oil will help to heal a squeezed pimple.
· Tea-tree oil washes may help.
· Don’t let spots ruin your life. Remember, most people have them at some stage.

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