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Tone Your Butt Techniques

How to tone your butt is the most frequently asked question, especially among women. This is because for women, the fat tends to deposit there more than other areas. To make things worse, all the fabulous clothes that women wants to wear, needs a firm and tone butt! To be honest, nothing looks better than a tight pair on jeans on a well tone butt.

A lot of people gain weight on their butt without them noticing. First of all, you can really see in front of the mirror. You will only notice it when somebody makes a comment and by that time, it is already too late.

But not to worry, you can still lose that fat on the butt and thighs. Proper weight training, dieting and cardio workout can help you achieve the tone butt. The only thing is that you have to patient because it might be the last part that tones down. Understand that losing body fat is not an overnight process. It takes time and effort but surely the results is well worth the wait.

The butt muscle, which is also called the glutes, is just like any other muscle in the body. It just have o be hammer with weights and it will tone up. Coupled with cardio and dieting, the fat will melt off.

Here are some workout, cardio workout and dieting tips to help you tone up the butt.

Tone Your Butt 1

Workout you legs with weights! A lot of people hate training legs. This is because the leg muscles are usually covered and it is not so noticeable compared to the arms and shoulders. This is a very strong reason for you to consistently train your legs. There are 3 leg exercises that is a must do for the butt. These exercises are the barbell squats, 45 degrees leg press and the walking lunges.

These are excellent compound exercise that works more than one muscle at a time. The barbell squats and walking lunges are free weght exercises and require lots of effort in balancing during the exercises. This will put extra amount of pressure on the butt. Do not go to fast in the exercise. The tempo should be one second up and two seconds down.

Tone Your Butt 2

Do not forget about the hamstrings. Make sure you perform these 2 super hamstring exercises that can really workout the butt as well. The exercises are the dead lift and seated or lying down hamstring curls. Perform these hamstrings exercises at the end of the leg workout.

Tone Your Butt 3

Perform isolation exercises as well. These exercises can specifically target the butt muscle without involving other muscle groups. Make sure your perform these exercises at the end of the workout because if you tire the butt exercises at the beginning of the workout, you would not have enough energy to do the other leg exercises like squats and leg presses.

Isolation exercises for the butt are the glute machine and the abductor machine. An excellent way to use the abductor is to lean forward while keeping your back straight. Use the drop set technique. A drop set is a set, which consist of 3 sets. The first set uses heavy weights and low reps, for the second set, reduce the weight but increase the reps and for the third set, increase the reps again and decrease the weight.

Tone Your Butt 4

Choose your cardio machine that works the butt muscle more. Although all cardio machines are made to achieve the small goal, which is to burn body fat, the cardio machines focuses on different muscle groups. The best cardio machines to tone up the butt are the stair master or stepper, the new Technogym Wave and the elliptical trainer done backwards. Perform 3 to 5 cardio sessions a week for optimum results. One cardio session should be about forty-five minutes at the intensity of 75 to 85 percent of your maximum heart rate.

Tone Your Butt 5

You can also workout your butt without any gym equipment. Use the stairs more and avoid the escalator and lifts. Climbing up stairs is one of the best ways to tone up the butt. So, the next time you plan to take the lift, skip it and head on for the stairs for some extra workout. You can also tone up the butt by squeezing your butt muscles and holding it for the one minute. This is what we call an isometric contraction where the muscles are working but there is not movement involved. Do three sets, holding the contraction for at least one minute.

There you go ladies and gentleman. A fabulous workout to get a well-toned butt! Use this workout once a week and make sure you have at least 72 hours of rest before repeating this routine if you intend to do twice a week. Make sure the intensity is high during the workouts, which means, rest should be one minute to one and a half minute. The weights you use should be challenging as well, if you are breezing through your workout, you are not getting much done.

Yu Chung Leong is an experienced and motivated personal trainer for many years. He is passionate about health and fitness and enjoys helping people achieve their fitness goals. He writes many free weight loss tips at