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Tooth Oils For Optimal Dental Health

Most mainstream toothpastes contain several different ingredients or additives that some consider cancer risks. These include saccharin, FD&C Blue #1, and fluoride.

Other ingredients found in many commercial toothpastes include sodium lauryl sulfate, propylene glycol and sorbitol – and poison ingestion warning labels.

Although fluoride may have some benefits in prevention of tooth decay, it is also thought to cause a rare form of bone cancer in experimental studies, according to the federal National Toxicology Program. And it accumulates with age.

However, commercial toothpaste does have an appeal that the public can’t deny. And some natural health product manufacturers have even created alternatives that include baking soda and clays. Since homeopathic remedies are negated by substances such as mint and tea tree oil, some tooth oil products are made with non-offending oils like anise and lemon.

Not coincidentally essential oils (especially organic ones) have certain electrical frequencies like all living things and can generate either a high or low frequency depending on the quality of the raw materials to make them and the presence of additives like pesticides, and high heat.

Essential oils can be absorbed by the body when applied topically. Inhalation of the aromatic vapors also provides benefits. Some oils can also be ingested. Essential oils resonate at a very high frequency (the measurable rate of electric energy flow between two points). Research has shown that healthful substances such as fresh produce and herbs resonate at higher frequencies than canned or processed foods.

In fact, a healthy person’s body resonates at a higher frequency than a body suffering from disease. Essential oils resonate at the highest frequency of any natural substance.

The best ways to use essential oils are external applications and as inhalations. Essential oils are readily absorbed by the tissues of the body delivering nourishment directly to the parts of the body that need it most.

Perhaps the greatest benefit from using essential oil products is the effect the scent can have on the mind itself; relaxing, rejuvenating, calming, or stimulating, depending on the oil or oils. The study of aromatherapy is based on the use of oils and their fragrances.

Sometimes aromatherapy gifts can be a very good choice for relatives, although often they don’t give the impression that all that much thought went in to picking out the present.

The reason that aromatherapy gifts can so powerfully affect your moods has to do with the way that the brain is structured. More than any other sense, the sense of smell is wired directly into the brain, and bypasses the part of the brain that weakens sensations, or filters out impulses and feelings which aren’t that important.

This is why a particular odor can trigger such a powerful cascade of memories. aromatherapy gifts take advantage of this, using odors to change your moods, not just by making them better, but by exciting, relaxing, or otherwise altering your consciousness. aromatherapy gifts can be used as part of a meditation practice too.

When, every day at a certain hour, you smell the same aromatherapy gift oil, you will know that it is time to release the cares of the day and relax deeply into your practice. This is why aromatherapy gifts are often good gifts to give yourself, as well as others. And aromatherapy gifts come in all kinds of different types, from candles, to oils, to incense sticks, allowing a wide variety of uses and decorative functions.

Joe has enjoyed outdoor sports for over 2 decades and studies natural health. For his favorite essential oil articles, see: Tooth Oils For Pristine Dental Health