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Top 5 Attractions to Add to a Fiji Travel Guide

A Fiji Travel guide is a great companion while you are on a Fiji vacation. In it you will find pictures, places, directions, tips, tricks, and other information about all kinds of places to visit during your Fiji travel vacation. There are five things that should be included in every Fiji Travel guide, and all five of these things are the very things that make Fiji travel so grand. In the 332 islands that make up Fiji, there are literally thousands of divine places to visit, like Qamea Island, the Mamanuca Islands, and the fairytale like blue lagoons. These are five great ideas to add to your Fiji travel guide to ensure that no matter where in Fiji you travel to, you will have an incredible time.

#5 Fiji travel idea: Do not miss the Sabeto Hot Springs and Mud Baths. How muddy is muddy? Youll be sure to find out here, where you (or just the kids) can have a ball mud wrestling, mud rolling, and mud romping. Local legend has it that the mud here has healing powers because of the sulfur that is in the mud. Take a good warm mud bath and see for yourself!

#4 Fiji travel idea: You will not want to travel to Fiji without going for a dive. Most people know that Fiji is the soft coral capital of the world, but it cannot truly be appreciated for its incredible corals without seeing it for yourself. You wont see anything like these coral beds anywhere else in the world. The Jean Michel Fiji Resort is the perfect place to experience romantic activities at night and to spend your days diving to the corals.

#3 Fiji travel idea: Get out there and get some exercise! Feel like a champ on the famous championship Fiji golf courses. Golf doesnt get any better than this, or any prettier, for that matter. With heavenly scenery creating the perfect backdrops for your game of golf, you will never feel as relaxed and at peace as you will be on the courses. If golf isnt quite your bag, you can gear up and go play some paintball. Fiji has one paintball field, and it is exclusive to the Sonaisali Island Resort in Nadi. The latest hi tech equipment is imported from Australia, and the paintball activities here are for everyone, whether you have never played before or are a seasoned expert.

#2 Fiji travel idea: Shop, shop, shop. The quaint little markets that are scattered all over Fiji invite you to spend your time browsing through unique Fiji artifacts, arts and crafts, fresh foods, and designer fashions that are available for purchase while you are vacationing on this beautiful land.

#1 Fiji travel idea: Grab a lifejacket and get out there and do some whitewater rafting, Fiji style. Even if you have been rafting before, you havent really done it like this. It doesnt matter if you are experienced or are a beginner; the guides for Fiji whitewater rafting will ensure that you stay safe and have the trip of a lifetime. Rafting through gorges, ravines, waterfalls, canyons, and corridors are what make Fiji whitewater rafting the top of the list. When seeing the sights of Fiji on foot just isnt enough for you, take a walk on the wild side, and raft it!

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