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Top Five Myths About Buying A Car

If you’re in the market for a new or used car and you’re a smart consumer you’ve probably read a ton of info about buying a car at this point in your search for great new-car-related knowledge. Sadly, what you may have read may not be as correct as you think it is. A lot of false information gets tossed around by magazines and blogs, a lot of the time produced by the car sellers and dealers themselves. Here are probably the Top Five Myths About Buying A Car you may have read:

5. You Don’t Need To Know The Repair History Of The Car – This is flat out untrue. This myth has been circulated by tons of blogs stating that if the car is sold by a reputable dealer you won’t need to ask for a car repair history report, as ‘they wouldn’t sell something if it wasn’t already checked out’. This is not correct at all. Make sure you ALWAYS ask for the car repair history report of any vehicle you may purchase. There’s really no excuse not to.

4. All New Cars Get Around The Same Gas Mileage – Another myth that is patently untrue and really shocking to read. So many people claim that all new cars get about the same gas mileage, this is very very false. Some 2011 and 2012 models may still only get 15MPG while some 2010 sedans may be rated for 35-45 MPG. That is a huge difference and very alarming considering that the older cars get better gas mileage. It has NOTHING to do with the year of the car, it has EVERYTHING to do with the model of car.

3. The Color Of The Car Affects Its Mileage – You won’t believe how many times we have read this in blogs, magazines, and on car company websites. Color has NOTHING to do with mileage, but it MAY have something to do with how much you spend on insurance. An article from a prominent car magazine in 2009 stated that if you purchase a red or yellow car you are up to 50% more likely to pay a considerable increase on your car insurance. Now that is a jump! Stick with the facts and leave the weird color-related myths behind!

2. Steering Wheels Are Going To Go Extinct – You may have seen this on the local news recently. Many people are reporting that you shouldn’t buy a car for the next few years because they will suddenly stop making them with steering wheels. We don’t know where this weird rumor came from, but yep, untrue. Steering wheels will still be around for a few more years and you should get a car that uses a steering wheel while they still exist!

And the number one rumor we have heard regarding buying a new car? This may shock you.

1. Cars That Use Keys Are Harder To Resell – We know that you are thinking. ‘What?’ I know, this doesn’t make much sense, but it is a rumor that has swept the globe in recent years. Many people believe that if you buy a car that uses keys instead of a push-to-start it will be impossible to resell or trade in your car. This is completely unfounded. Yet again, what matters is the MODEL of car when it comes to everything – reselling included.

And there you have it, the Top Five myths circulating currently about buying a new car. Trust us, its always better to go with the facts and a reputable dealership than it is to live on the whims of a myth. Take our advice and make an educated decision on a car today!!

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