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Top Tips for Keeping Your New Year Resolutions

The start of a new year is a time for reflection and change. A lot of people choose to see in the new year with a ‘new beginning’. They may change their job, end a failing romance or start going to a gym. The problem that lots of people face, however, is maintaining their resolutions for more than a couple of months. Staying determined to “get fit”, or “lose weight” is tough if you don’t have anything to appraise your fitness by, or do not have a specific weight loss goal.

Remaining Motivated

If you wish to make sure that you stick with your new year’s resolutions, then the best thing to do is to set yourself clear, manageable goals. If your objective for 2012 is something difficult, like running a complete marathon, or losing a lot of weight, then break up your big goal into several lesser ones. For instance, split your weight loss goal into 10lb steps, and seek to do a fun run or two while you increase your fitness levels.

Together with setting mini-goals, give yourself rewards for each stage. Select a stunning outfit that you’ll buy when you attain a specific size. Get yourself a new computer upgrade with the cash you pocketed by stopping smoking for 2 months, treat yourself to an evening out if you complete a 5K fun run, or, should you rather, set yourself a task of doing a 10K fun run, and ask friends and family to sponsor you. Additionally it is hugely fulfilling to collect money for charity.

Keeping Yourself Liable

It’s often easier to follow resolutions if you’ve told a lot of people about them. However a lot of people do not like to tell others, as the stress not to let yourself down means you cave in. Consider what inspires you and the kind of individual you are.

Whatever you choose, it is critical that you at least remain accountable to yourself. Keep a record of your goals routinely. If you have a distinct target, such as running a 5K fun run in a particular time, attaining a certain one-rep max on each lift in the gym, or dropping a particular amount of weight, then you’ll have the ability to give yourself a true analysis of your development.

Although employment targeted goals might not be so simple to monitor, there are still some things you may do. If you would like a new position for example, decide that you’ll redo your Curriculum Vitae within the very first full week of the year, sign-up with one agency a month, and spend a particular period of time every week looking and submitting an application for opportunities. Never choose a figure on the number of positions to apply for, or interviews to get – there might be wekks or even months where no appropriate positions are advertised. Finally – make sure that your targets are linked to elements of your life which you have control over.

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