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Toxins in the Home

Truly, are our homes the safest environment and conducive for our health and well-being? If you think they are; then you have largely omitted the fact that many of the substances that we use in our daily lives contain toxins and that in an amount that could result in health hazards for your children and family members! To learn more about what toxins in the home there are, please read ahead.

Toxins in the home come from virtually everything we use at home, from those lotions for cleaning homes, washing powder, and bathing soap, to tooth paste, room cleaner, and plastic, that contains chemicals that are toxic in nature. The same is the case with paints, gasoline, carpet, foam bed, and fiber glass as well.

In case of consumer goods, consumer standards usually stipulate the amount of allowable chemicals to certain ppm (parts per million) values, but how do you determine whether or not they are within allowable guidelines? Also, what is the benchmark for non-consumer products like paints and plastic? And to make matter further worse, there is an assortment of spurious products available in the markets, in very attractive cartons and colors, but all of lesser quality standards. Is there any way out of this precarious situation?

There are not many solutions to this problem (toxins in the home), but it is just about using the right and safest products available in the market. One may have to make a detailed study of the regulatory standards for each product and choose only those items whose specifications match the accepted levels, and hence approved by the regulatory authority. This can be a real daunting task, given the number of things we may need in our daily lives, but we need to go ahead with this quality search because it is the human health that is at stake and not something we can gamble with.

The only way forward is to keep in touch with the latest news and research findings about toxins. Be aware of substances that are toxic and that can cause harm. As far as possible, use natural products with little chemicals added.

Also, take care to follow the necessary precautions or those things mentioned in the product cover; if the item is toxin by nature such as bug spray or pesticides. Not to mention, keep such toxins in the home out of the reach of your children.

And finally, if you get the inkling that something is wrong with your health while using a particular product, trace it and shun using it, and seek medical attention at the earliest. After all, health is wealth; heard that adage?

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