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Train Your Sub-Conscious Mind to Lose Weight

A mind is nothing but a blank slate at birth which gets filled up with what it sees and understands through experience. Now I’ve always had great respect for very few people. Not because they achieved reputation or money in society. It’s because they achieved something what most people could not. Money is pretty easy to earn.. a little hard work and streak of good luck.. and you are rich.. but most difficult to achieve is the control your mind.

We always hear that the one who controls his mind can almost always achieve anything around. But how often can do we really see people who have achieved this state where they have full control on their mind. Swami Vivekanada is one among the very few. I truly respect him for what he achieved in his life time.. and admire him more for what he has given the society. Remember its all about Karma.

Now you must be wondering where these fit in Weight Loss. It has a connection and I’ll show it to you right away in few minutes.

What I learnt from Swami Vivekanada is that if you want to control your mind… learn to control your sub-conscious mind. Human mind can be vaguely classified into:

1. Conscious mind: That part which is only functional and responds when you are wide awake.

2. Sub-Conscious mind: The part which is always functional but you never get to know its presence.

Lets get a clear picture of what they are and how it can help us reduce WEIGHT.

Conscious mind is that state of mind which gives you clear instructions on a day to day basis, sectors like memory, actions, emotions.. are controlled by our conscious mind. But research has proven that its not your conscious mind which is responsible for quicker, stabler and reliable reactions. Its your sub-conscious mind.

Have your ever wondered how quickly you turned the direction of the steering when you were about to hit a truck.. or how fast you type your thoughts even without looking into the keyboard ?? Well that’s the power of sub-conscious mind.

Well you can do a little more research on Sub-conscious mind if you would like to.. am sure its more interesting topic.. but now getting back to Weight Loss — Don’t you think its pretty simple to loose weight if you can train you sub-conscious mind not to think about food ??

What do you think hoodia does ? It just trains your mind not to think about food. never lets you believe that you are hungry. Now do the same. Train your sub-conscious mind to believe that you are not hungry when you don’t want to be. Training is the difficult part but once you are successful in training your brain trust me there is nothing more you have to do. Your sub-conscious state takes care of everything. Just like the way it would train your fingers to go to the words which pops in you thought while typing something.

It did work for me… so it definitely will work for you and everyone.

The author is the owner of a Successful Weight loss program . Also the author maintains a blog on General Medicine .