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Transfer Factor Is The Key To Immunity Information Transference Between Mature And Young Cells

The natural transfer factor agent is meant to naturally increase the immune system. The immune system directly influences our health. Fighting infections is easier with an immune system that is healthy and prepared. Transfer factor is a natural substance found in colostrum and other substances that provides a natural way to strengthen the immune system.

Transfer factors are really just tiny messenger molecules which do a specific job in the immune system. They send information from one cell to another and their information concerns immunity detection. What they actually do is take immunity information from an older mature cell and share it with a younger immature one telling the young one about the many dangers it will face. The best example in humans is the mother and her infant. The extremely immature immune system of babies does not have the immunity information it needs for protection unlike a more mature system. The mother’s first milk, called colostrum, contains a natural mix of immunity information and the transfer factors take the immunity information from the mother to the baby in the colostrum.

The mother’s immune system has already encountered many dangers which the transfer factors transmit to the baby’s immature immune system and so the baby gains much of the mother’s immunities. The immunity information is stored in the transfer factors which are composed of small peptides of around eight amino acids each. What is truly interesting about transfer factors is that they do not produce allergic reactions, so a transfer factor from cow’s milk can be equally as effective in humans as they would be in another cow. There are amazing possibilities for medical investigation into transfer factors.

An additional part of the immune response are nanofactors. Nanofactors are a type of low weight molecule that contains a kind of natural intuition and functioning. They act as a kind of central control center that tells the cells when to act, what to do, and when to rest. The transfer factors also have the nanofactors which are transferred to the recipient and are an integral part of the immune response that the transfer factors teach the new immune system about. It is, in essence, an immune system education system, the combination of the transfer factors and the nanofactors.

Transfer factors and nanofactors support your immune system by educating your immune cells. In essence they recognize, respond to, and remember threats that are potential dangers to your immune system. Transfer factors are not merely nutrients like supplements, minerals or vitamins, they actually transfer knowledge to the system. The greatest offense is a good defense, and taking a transfer factor product can increase your natural defenses. Taking transfer factors is a proactive means to helping achieve and keep good immune health.

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