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Trapped In A Sale

Harry was an insurance salesman for a large firm in the northeast. His company prided itself on personal contact with customers. He was a top salesman and well deserving of the honor. His job called for him to extensively travel in order to get new customers. He was away from home many weeks out of the year. In many ways the people he met were a part of his family.

He enjoys interaction with the customers. He had never really experienced any serious problems during his career. He met the occasional belligerent prospect but that was expected. He was very determined and usually able to convince his prospects to let him at least show them his products. Many of his prospects became customers after a meeting with him.

One day he received a call from a guy who said he was thinking about buying more insurance. He asked Harry if he could meet with him and show his products. Harry agreed. He traveled to the prospects home. He setup his products and began to explain them to the potential customer.

He thought he had persuaded the man and was sure he was about to close a sale. All of a sudden the man jumped up from his chair and started swearing. He said you insurance salesmen are all alike. You try to take advantage of people like me.

He said, I do not need any insurance and I am going to make sure you do not try and sell anything again. Harry did not know what the man meant, but he felt it was time to leave. He said Sir, its obvious that you do not want to take advantage of our insurance products at this time, so I will be going.

The guy said you are not going anywhere. He said, I am going to teach you a lesson. He started walking toward Harry. Harry knew there was going to be trouble. He forgot about packing his materials and started maneuvering too get away from the guy. The guy kept coming and Harry kept moving.

Just as the guy was about to charge at Harry, there was a frail female voice. It said, stop that nonsense right now. Harry looked up a flight of stairs and there was an older lady. The prospect stopped his attack immediately. The lady seemed to have mesmerized the guy with her voice. He immediately stopped all his actions. He became as docile as a lamb.

She said a few more choice things to him. He dropped his head and went to another room in the house. She approached Harry. He said thank you; I do not know what I would have done if you had not shown up. The lady introduced herself as the mans mother. She said he had a mental disorder and really meant no harm. She asked Harry what he was doing in the house.

Harry said he was selling insurance. She said she needed some extra insurance. Right away, Harry recognized opportunity. He talked with the lady about his products. He also kept a watchful eye out for her son. He was able to start the woman in one of his best insurance plans. Traveling salesmen never know whom they are going to encounter on the road.

They meet all types of people with different motives. Most of them are sincerely interested in the products and services. There is also a small percentage that want to make trouble. The traveling salesman must be prepared to defend themselves if the situation becomes dangerous. With a little planning the traveling salesman can successfully defend himself if the situation arises.

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