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Travel Europe Without Breaking Your Bank

Europe is a very diverse continent and the range of possible European vacations reflects this.

In each European country you can choose from the buzz of a city visit or the relaxation of the countryside. Transport links are good and it’s easy to hop from country to country by plane, by train or by road. This article sets out to help you plan a European vacation that suits you.

European vacation – travel tips for cheap European tours. Try to find a package that will allow you the benefits of having your travel and accommodation organized but still leave time for you to branch off on your own if you want to. Travel Europe and enjoy it. There is no right or wrong approach – simply work out what suits you and your lifestyle best.

You will find plenty of choice in every European country. If you’ve never taken a European vacation then please do consider it – the possibilities are almost limitless. What do you look for in a European vacation? The romance of a Paris vacation, the buzz of some time in London or the relaxation and quiet peace of an alpine valley? The truth is that, with a European vacation package, you can have all of this and more.

Vacationing or just traveling in Europe doesn’t have to break your budget. Don’t think of the usual vacation stops like Rome, Paris or London as your first destination. What about Prague? Many people think of Eastern Europe as still in its Communist past, but really that is not true. Many Easter bloc countries have become industrialized and are growing extremely quickly since leaving it’s communist ties. One of the finest Eastern European cities to visit is Prague. Prague is the main city in the Czech Republic. The Czech Republic is technically Middle Europe, but most people still consider it the East.

However, you might be surprised how closely it resembles Paris. With plenty of cafe’s and wonderful architecture, this city really has lots of charm and appeal. If you are sick of getting gouged for a $7 coffee in Paris, come to Prague where coffee is less then a dollar $1 in a lot of cafe’s. You also might be surprised how huge and picturesque the palace is. Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in the world offering real European charm with cobblestone streets and buildings over 500 years old. There are also plenty of attractions such as old churches, castles and museums with priceless art. So if you are planning to travel to Europe keep in mind Prague, it is not as popular as London or Paris, but you will not be disappointed.

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