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Treat your Bacterial Infection with the Ciprofloxacin Dosage

In some cases our body exposure to a sudden changed environment and an infected climate can cause some bacterial infections that captured our body system and start to grow in number to cause more infections if not controlled or treated at the initial phase. The infectious stage can be efficiently treated by the help of consumption of an antibiotic drug that can treat the condition by preventing the spread of the bacteria and also diminish the effects of the existing ill factors. Ciprofloxacin is an efficient antibiotic drug that works to hinder the multiplication growth and spread of bacteria and directly reduces the infection level to minimized value and gradually clears the impact.

This drug carries the module that comes under fluoroquinolone class, a second and modified generation of antibacterial therapy that successfully ends the life cycle of the bacteria by interacting with the harmful enzyme that results in the reverse reaction of DNA and causes a stop in the synthesis process of DNA and other useful proteins. This working pattern of the drug has proved its beneficial impact in reducing the infection stage gradually. The first introduction of the drug was done in 1983 by the effort of Bayer A.G. and then the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved the use and application of the structure in 1987.

FDA approved Ciprofloxacin to be sold in the measures of 250mg, 500mg and 750mg packs. However the extended release forms are approved to be available in the quantitative measures of 500mg and 1000mg. This antibiotic form is also available in form of injections that can be prescribed in certain cases. The storage instructions can help you out in storing the drugs for a longer time period in a safe condition. The normally available dosages can be stored in a temperature below 30c and the extended forms can be securely kept between the temperature ranges between 15-30c. The micro capsule forms of the drug those are available in forms of 250mg/5ml and 500mg/5ml can be stored in a safe condition below a temperature level of 25c but freezing should be prohibited. Similarly the freezing conditions need to be avoided while storing injection form between 5-30c.

As per the medical guidance Ciprofloxacin is advised and prescribed to treat the infections raised in case of skin, air paths, bones, lungs and in some other jointed portions. Urinary tract infection is a common tendency that can be effectively healed with the drug application. Diarrhea can also be treated by the antibiotic consumption. Among from these tendencies most are advised to be treated with the usual common dosage that varies between 250mg-750mg and needed to be consumed twice a day and the high degree infections can be treated with a usual dosage of 500-1000mg once a day.

The FDA recommended safety instructions should be followed to avoid the side effects like dizziness, instant pain, diarrhea, seizure, decreased degree of urination, vomiting, sleeping disorder and nausea etc. Pregnant women are not recommended with the use of the drug as can be harmful to the unborn child.

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