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Treating Bedwetting Problem

Bedwetting is also known as enuresis. Hereditary is one of the prime reasons for this condition. It is one inheritance you do not want to be part of. One should not be embarrassed about this condition as you are not alone; many kids are being treated for the same. It is a temporary phase, wherein girls and boys are equally affected. Drinking too much water before bed time or laziness is not the cause of bedwetting.

Common causes for bedwetting are:

– Runs in family
– Deep sleep
– Trouble in waking up
– Slow development of the central nervous system, useful for bladder control
– Hormonal imbalance
– Irregularities in urethral valves in boys or in the urethra in girls or boys
– Problems with spinal cord
– Small bladder

A normal age for the child to achieve bladder control is around six to seven. Trying to treat the child for bedwetting at that age can be disastrous. Every child is an individual with his or her own capabilities. Hence the time taken to attain bladder control may differ from child to child. If bedwetting continues after the ages of eight or nine, then it becomes a problem.

Some Remedies

Studies have shown that babies who are breast fed for longer periods i.e. more than three month are likely to have better control over their bladder.

Do not react, as it is beyond your childs control, praising or punishing your child does not help.

Make arrangements for the child to change the sheets by himself/herself. You can keep the necessary clothings next to the bed for him/her to change, this helps in the process of making him/her confident.

If need be, use bedwetting alarms. These alarm helps to register in childs mind, the importance of going to the bathroom when need be. These alarms are very sensitive to moisture, making it the apt tool to detect wet bed. You can buy these new age alarms anywhere in the market.

Have proper sleep because lack of sleep is another reason for bedwetting.

Calcium and magnesium supplements control bladder spasms, vitamin A helps in normal functioning of the bladder, zinc improves bladder function as well as the immune system

St. Johns Wort, Plantain, Cornsilk and Parsley taken three hours before hitting the sack can help in preventing bedwetting problem. These herbs help the urinary tract muscles that control the bladder. This may be a long process, so be patient.

Along with the use of these remedies, there is immense need for family support. Parents patience and love would surely help the child get through this condition.

Warning: The reader of this article should exercise all precautionary measures while following instructions on the home remedies from this article. Avoid using any of these products if you are allergic to it. The responsibility lies with the reader and not with the site or the writer.

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