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Types of Walleye Fishing Rigs and How to Use Them

The walleye is one of the most sought after fish in the world. They are an elusive fish that will give you a run for your money, which is why millions of anglers go after them each year. They may be a little difficult to catch but it’s not impossible, if you know the right walleye fishing rigs to use and how to use them correctly. In fact, the more you know about the walleye the easier it will be for you to reel them in.

Walleyes most unusual feature is their eyes that reflect light which allows them to see well in cloudy and dark waters. They feed off of night crawlers, small plugs and bullheads, leeches and minnows. The best time to catch the walleye is between dusk and dawn because this is their main feeding time. However, you may also find them very responsive on cloudy and windy days. Listed below are three of the top walleye fishing rigs that you can use to catch this elusive fish. They will help you become one of the top walleye anglers in your area.

The Top Three Walleye Fishing Rigs

When it comes to walleye fishing rigs you have several choices that will work better in different situations. One of the simplest walleye bait rigs that works extremely well is designed with a lead weight attached, a spinner blade, beads and a hook. It may not sound like much but they have the potential to produce fantastic results, especially when the walleye are in a picky mood and nothing else seems to suit them. You will find that sometimes the simplest things tend to work the best.

The lead head jig is probable the most popular bait you will ever hear about when fishing for walleye. This is because these fish seem to respond very well to jigs. They are inexpensive and come in several different colors and sizes. You will find two different versions of the lead head jig and both work very well. One is the flip tail and the other is the skirt version. Normally, you will want to bait the hook with a minnow or some other type of bait but you can use the jig without doing this if you prefer.

Jigs are called a presentation lure because that is exactly how they are used. You are presenting the lure to the walleye to capture their attention. You do this by slowly pulling the jigs through the water. To be more effective you will use different colors and sizes depending on the conditions you are fishing in. For example, when fishing in clear water you will use the lighter colored jigs with the lightest weights. The darker colored and heavier jigs are best used for dark murky water or when fishing in windy conditions.

Another type of walleye fishing rig that is also very popular is called the Blakemore roadrunner. These have been around for many years and they still work as good today as they did in the past. One reason these are so well liked is because it is literally impossible to use them incorrectly. The main thing that you need to know is to always take it slow and the walleye will be lured right to you. It is also inexpensive bait that can be used as is or tipped with a minnow or other bait.

Simply Tips On How to Use Walleye Fishing Rigs

Any one of the three walleye fishing rigs mentioned above will work great for catching this much sought after fish. It is suggested that you carry all of them with you every time you go out so if one method is not working very well, you can switch to another.

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