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Understand the Feelings of Failure and Take Charge

Have you ever wondered how much failure a person can take? One, ten, a hundred, or may be a thousand? Well, it all depends on the individual and his determination to succeed.

Every person on this planet will have good times and bad times. Painful events come to help us learn the lessons at specific points of our lives. Sad experiences arrive to help us heal, deepen, and grow more philosophical. No one can avoid them because no one is perfect.

No one is spared from failure. Even saints and good people among us still face pain from failure because these experiences come to offer the specific lessons needed to allow us to rise to the next level of understanding.

When we encounter a major failure, we feel so frustrated that we oftentimes see no meaning in continuing the work started or in pursuing life itself. Everything seems so bleak and gloomy, like a sandcastle swept away and crushed by big ocean waves.

Turn the surge of failure to your benefit. We are probably overwhelmed by the surge of failure that we do not notice the unlimited opportunities that are right in front of us. Failure could provide the time for us to reflect and learn how it can bring us up to the ladder of success.

Let us not be deceived by the success stories around us. Behind every success are tales of numerous failures. The difference is that successful people persist and are not easily hindered by obstacles in life. A success story is never complete without passing through tales of failure. Failure makes victory taste sweeter.

Realize that failure is an integral part of growth. We grow most from our greatest challenges. John Maxwell said, “Life’s biggest failures are, in truth, glorious opportunities for personal growth and positive transformation.” It follows that any person aiming for success must know how to deal with failure. Let us not be overwhelmed by failure. Consider failure as life’s offering for an opportunity to better ourselves.

We need not run away from failure. We need not hide from it. Have the resolve to confront failure. If others were able to confront it, why can’t we?

Failure challenges us to think and it can trigger new ideas to make our ultimate goal attainable. This is where failure turns into opportunity and where failure is actually a blessing. If we are willing to shift our focus into this perspective, the universe will be able to extend a helping hand. The universe will smile at us, happy with the work we are doing; and we should be thankful for it.

Failure is a test. When we pass the test, we become stronger each time we face it. Failures actually make us sturdy and less fragile. Failure turns us into wiser people. We learn from our own mistakes and the mistakes of others. Learning from mistakes of others can save us time, energy, and resources that we can put into other productive uses.

Always keep in mind this quote from Elisabeth Kubler-Ross: “The are no mistakes, no coincidences. All events are blessings given to us to learn from.” Be not overwhelmed with failure; let us ride the tide of failure on our way to success!

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