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Understanding Colon Cleansing Among a Sea of Quacks And Pushers

There is much more to colon cleanse treatment than meets the eye. It may be easy to say that colon cleanse treatment is not recommended anywhere or it is not an acknowledged line of remedy for constipation etc. But we need to take a second look at the matter but from a different angle. Let us say, from the point of view of the patients; as such they suffer from that inexpressible feeling behind their belly; and as if that were not enough, there are not many doctors who can endorse this and readily agree to provide them with relief.

Let’s Talk About the Problems That Leads to Colon Cleanse
Patients who are caught between free advice and the ignominy of constipation seek advice over the internet. It is not that they can’t talk to neighborhood doctors but their reasoning is as complex as it can get. Patients, to begin with, don’t perceive their problem as a serious one, till it clearly worsens. Then there is the tendency to fall back upon the easy way out; internet. This is not all; patients don’t want to jump into conclusions on whatever they read on, they spend time dilly dallying and ‘enquiring’ with acquaintances. Other sundry reasons include cost and time component involved in seeing a truly qualified doctor.

Have you noticed that ‘internet searches’ almost always return results from proponents of colon cleanse? Did you notice that none of the top institutions like US National Institute of Health and US Food and Drug Authority speak divine nothing on colon cleansing but enforcing clause 501 (a) and (b) of the new drug and cosmetic act?

The vacuum created by the lack of authoritative information is filled up by private practitioners. Also, there are always possibilities for unscrupulous elements (read quacks) to pitch in quickly, making propaganda.

Colon Cleanse: Decision Making
Patients having researched a lot till now will have lost patience. It is no surprise if they disregard advices by physicians to increase their intake of water and good fibrous food instead of dashing ahead with ideas like colon cleanse. Now, it’s a now-or-never decision for him, having had spent so long and worked around his or her days with that bloated belly and head hanging flatus.

Yes! Colon Cleanse provides immediate relief. Notwithstanding warnings, you can still ensure safety by following standard sanitary and hygienic practices; and by choosing a reputed clinic in the neighborhood. Quickly changing your lifestyle and eating habits ensure a permanent relief and the predicament of whether or not to go for colon cleanse in future.

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