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Understanding Dog Pack Instinct To Achieve Successful Weimaraner Training

There are several factors known to impact weimaraner training. Training a smart dog can be more fascinating but his stubborn temperament can interrupt desirable results from occurring. The owner’s attitude affects the training progress too. Aside from being determined and consistent, you need to exhibit confidence so as to establish your role as leader of the pack he must respect and obey.

So what makes the pack order so significant when it comes to training? It’s because dogs are social animals. Well before they were domesticated and became popular family pets, dogs in the wild have been flourishing in groups. They follow a chain of command, wherein the leader is the one controlling the behavior of other animals in the pack. The alpha has more freedom than other members – gets to eat first, sleep wherever he wants and give orders and expect the members to obey.

However, domesticated dogs have been removed from this natural order and learned to thrive with people. Hence instead of being in a pack of four-legged canines, many have already learned to acknowledge their two-legged human companions as member of the pack too.

But how can an owner confirm his role as the pack leader? Simple but can be challenging at times for this does not happen naturally. You should be confident and firm enough for your dog to see you as a competent leader who will not only control him but also protect him should the need arise.

To show your authority over your pet, here are a few suggestions you might want to take into consideration:

Be the first on everything.

Since the alpha gets to eat first or walk ahead of the other members of the pack, it is just right that you adhere to this routine. Always go first when going through a doorway, walking or going up and down the stairs. When you are walking your dog outdoors, don’t allow him to walk ahead of you. He ought to be next to or behind you instead.

Call your pet to come to you.

When it’s time to walk or you have to attach his collar or leash, call him to come to you instead of going to him yourself. The same applies during mealtime, playtime and in almost every opportunity.

Allot time for everything.

There must be schedule for feeding, toilet breaks, exercise and even weimaraner training.

Never tolerate his whims.

There will come a time when your weimaraner would plead for food or bark to go out of the house. Never give in to all his whims even if those puppy eyes can take your heart away. You’re the leader so you are the one who decides when to eat or when and where to go.

Your weimaraner must sleep in his bed, not in yours.

As mentioned, the alpha can sleep wherever he wants, more likely in the most cozy area. You can let your dog on your bed but he should only stay at the bottom and not push you out of the way.

Jan Gould is an enthusiastic dog fan who loves to write weimaraner training articles. For more tips on weimaraner training, feel free to check out her site specifically dedicated to the breed.