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Understanding Male Organ Pain – 5 Non-Partner-Related Causes

Any sensation of male organ pain can send the average man into a spiral of anxiety and worry, as he wonders what has happened to his most prized equipment and whether he has contracted a serious disease. However, while all active men should be concerned about protection and testing when it comes to partner transmitted infections, not all sources of male organ pain are related to such diseases. Some of the more common non-partner-related causes of soreness and discomfort are described here in order to help men manage their male organ health, in addition to their overall wellbeing.

Acne – Like any other part of the body, the skin of the male organ is lined with pores containing oil-secreting glands. These serve a useful purpose, providing oils that keep the skin lubricated and prevent it from drying and splitting. However, the pores can become clogged with dirt, dead skin cells and excess oil. Bacteria on the skin are attracted to these substances, but when they enter the pores, the body’s immune response to their presence can cause the unpleasant eruptions that characterize acne. These bumps can erupt on the skin’s surface, or they can develop further below the outer layers of skin; these deep-seated lesions can be particularly uncomfortable, especially when the male organ is handled during manual stroking or intimacy.

Acne on the male organ should be treated carefully. The area should be kept clean and dry, and men should avoid popping any pimples, as this can lead to further irritation and pain. A lotion containing vitamin A may be a good solution (on a doctor’s advice), but acne medications made for the face should never be used on the manhood skin.

Balanitis – Men who are uncut may be prone to soreness and inflammation of the sheath, a condition known as balanitis. The cause of this inflammation is generally related to hygiene, as not all men are diligent about removing the accumulation of dead skin cells and body oils that accumulate under the sheath.

To avoid balanitis, men should be sure to clean the area thoroughly every day, removing any of the whitish, pasty substance known as smegma and washing with a gentle cleanser.

Blunt force trauma – During the throes of passion, the bumping and grinding that takes place can seem pleasurable, but it can take its toll on the sensitive manhood tissue. After an especially vigorous session, men may feel sore and bruised as a consequence of repeated impact with a partner’s pelvis. Men who experience serious impact, especially if accompanied by a loud, popping sound and/or severe pain, should seek immediate medical attention for a possible rupture. For milder injuries, cool compresses and a few days of abstinence may help to alleviate the pain.

Dermatitis – The manhood skin is sensitive, and contact with any number of environmental irritants – from plants to personal care items to detergents to certain fabrics – can cause drying, itching, and burning. A reaction to any of these substances is often referred to as dermatitis. Coping with this type of soreness requires washing away all traces of the irritant. Cool compresses and anti-allergenic creams may be used to soothe the itching and pain.

Urinary tract infection/urethritis – A bacterial infection or inflammation of the urinary tract can cause problems like burning, a constant feeling of needing to urinate, and frequency of urination. The pain felt in the urethra may also be experienced as more generalized male organ pain. Treating the underlying infection is necessary to prevent worsening of the infection and continued pain.

Soothing a sore male organ
The appropriate care for a sore, aching member depends largely on the cause of the pain and may involve antibiotics, cortisone creams and a host of other medicaments and remedies. A doctor’s recommended treatment plan should always be followed in order to ensure proper healing.

There are, however, a few things that men can do on their own to soothe discomfort and soreness. For inflammation and bruising, a cool compress may be applied to the area – just remember never to apply an ice or gel pack directly to the skin. For pain related to a urinary tract infection or urethritis, over-the-counter remedies are available to minimize urinary pain; these should be taken as directed. For chafed, irritated skin, the quality moisturizers found in a high-end male organ health cream (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) can help. Applying an emollient formula to unbroken skin can provide quick relief; and in fact, a cream that is enriched with targeted nutrients for ongoing manhood health can be a valuable addition to every man’s daily personal care routine.