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Understanding the importance of maintaining oral health

The entire body might face harmful consequences due to poor oral hygiene. You might be feeling surprised on how oral health can matter to the entire body? Well, as mouth is the entry point into our internal body, we need to understand how aching teeth, bleeding gums and bad breath can affect our overall health. Leading laser dentist in Melbourne will highlight on how bacteria from mouth an entry point from the mouth to the blood stream can have causing infection and inflammation on the internal organs of the body.

It becomes vital for us and our family to regularly visit laser dentist Melbourne to understand and recover from oral health issues. Laser dentistry in eastern Melbourne has highlighted common and serious health issues which can occur due to bad oral health.

  • Heart diseases
  • Dementia
  • Lung infection
  • Diabetes
  • Issues with pregnancy and fertility
  • Cancer
  • Kidney issues
  • Arthritis

Let’s understand how health issues listed above can arise by having a bad oral health.

Heart diseases

We all sound surprised when we hear that a heart disease might occur with bad oral health right? Researchers have found that bacteria that are formed in your mouth might enter your bloodstream travelling to your heart. Atherosclerotic plague is collected in the arteries in your heart and hardening them. This leads to heart blockages and blow flow issues within the arteries. One can even increase the chances for strokes as these hardened arteries lead to hypertension.


Along with heart issues, poor oral health can also be the reason to have Alzheimer’s disease or what we call it dementia. Laser dentistry in east Melbourne highlights that brain cells get damaged leading to memory loss with infection coming from bleeding gums.

Lung infection

Body’s respiratory organs suffer due to poor oral hygiene. Bacteria in your mouth can be breathed into the lungs or mostly travels through the bloodstream into the lungs. It creates major respiratory issues like bronchitis and pneumonia.


Diabetic patients need to take extra precaution when it comes to oral health. Infected gums can lead to periodontal diseases which can be hard to control in diabetic patients.

Issues with pregnancy and fertility

A pregnant lady is more prone to develop oral infections due to hormonal changes within her. Any major health issue can put both mother and child at risk. It is known that oral health issues in expecting mothers such as periodontitis and gingivitis can lead to premature birth and birth of infants with low birth weight.

While expecting mothers can have issues with pregnancy with oral health, in few research studies, researchers have found that poor oral health can also lead to fertility issues to both women and men. Poor oral health in women can lead to difficulty for them to conceive and sustain a healthy pregnancy. Whereas in men, it can also increase the risk for man to suffer from erectile dysfunction. Inflammation due to infection travelling in blood due to poor oral hygiene can block the flow of blood to the genitals creating erectile dysfunction issues.


We all are aware that smoking, consumption of tobacco can lead to oral and throat cancers along with other type of cancers. Furthermore, when such a patient does not maintain a good oral hygiene it can lead to severe gum issues and other type of cancers too.

Kidney issues

Periodontal disease can lead to serious kidney disease. Kidney diseases affects not only kidneys but normal functioning of other major organs such as heart, liver, bones and blood pressure in the body.


Whole body can suffer with often painful inflammation with bacteria travelling into the blood with bleeding gums and gingivitis. Painful arthritis is often ignored by many which might be a result of not maintaining proper oral health.

Prevention is better than cure

Dentists at laser dentist in Melbourne suggests that everyone should regularly visit their dentists and it is the best way to prevent serious health issues caused by bad oral health. Dentists at Laser dentistry in eastern Melbourne suggests ways to practice good oral hygiene.

  • Brushing the teeth and and gums at least twice a day
  • Floss the teeth daily
  • Avoid smoking cigarettes or consumption of tobacco products
  • Using toothpaste and mouthwash products that contain fluoride
  • Avoid sugar foods and aerated drinks
  • Eat a well-balanced diet

Healthy teeth and gums are clean, pain free and do not bleed while brushing them. Oral health is very important for overall health.

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