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Uses of Temporary Shelters for the Garden

Canopies or temporary shelters are tents and other forms of shelter that can be erected quickly in order to provide cover from the elements without having to install an actual building. If you have ever been in a tent in a fair or a tradeshow then this was most likely a temporary shelter of sorts, and you may also have been to parties or weddings in party tents and wedding tents respectively.

However these shelters and canopies are not something that are simply reserved for commercial use and events, but rather they are something that you can get use out of every day. Using temporary shelters it is possible to create shelters in your garden very quickly and very efficiently without having to have teams of builders work there for days on end – and this of course is a very useful feature in a variety of cases. Here we will look at a few of the kinds of temporary shelters that you find in gardens and their uses.

Temporary Garages: First of all temporary garages are one form of temporary shelter that can be very useful around the home. These are canopies designed to protect your car in the short term by covering over them, but that don’t require the same work, cost and space in order to erect. Having shelter for your cars is an important way to avoid them getting damaged by hail, by stones thrown up from the road, or by cold weather. However at the same time, by using portable garages you can save a lot of money and take them down when you move home/don’t need them.

Portable Greenhouses: Temporary shelters include portable greenhouses. These are small shelters that have the same effect as greenhouses in allowing heat to get in but not out. This way you can increase the warmth for your plants and grow a range of genus that otherwise would not be possible. Best of all you don’t have to take up half your garden and you can take portable greenhouses with you when you move home.

Shelters for Your Garden: You can also make use of some just ‘general’ temporary shelters in your garden. These can be used to shelter you from the rain if you are having a barbeque and to protect you from the rays of the sun on days when you have better weather. In general they are a great feature for gardens and you can expect people to start asking to have parties and gatherings round your house as they will be able to get the benefits of being outside while not being at the mercy of the weather.

Party Tents: If you want to have a party and are worried about your home getting ruined, then investing in party tents will allow you to create the facilities that you need in order to enjoy partying outside without getting wet or having your food ruined by insects or the heat. If you have shelters up all year round, then you can quickly turn these into ‘party tents’, or if you want to use them as and when you need them you can purchase them and then quickly erect them in time for an impromptu get-together.

Uses of temporary shelters range from car shelters to party canopy. For more details click the links.