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Using The Golden Rule In Dating

The golden rule for dating is rightly “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. Most people who go on dates do so in the hope of finding their life partner. They look for certain attributes in the person they are dating, which will make them want to spend their lives with this one person. On the other hand, certain boorish behaviors can be a real turn-off. Your behavior on a date is a sure indicator of things to come.

One of the surefire ways of impressing your date is by putting yourself in their shoes and seeing your behavior from their point of view. Don’t forget, every action has an equal and opposite reaction, so do whatever you would like done to you and whatever you do, expect the same in return.

Don’t be late for your date

Nobody likes to be made to wait. The thought uppermost in most people’s minds whilst waiting, is whether they are being stood up. This in itself is enough to dampen even the most enthusiastic of spirits. And if your date is a stickler for punctuality, watch out ‘ your date may be gone if you take too long and you may not even get a chance to use that brilliant excuse that you made up.

Dress to impress

Always, always step out in style. It will make your date proud to be seen with you and you are sure to feel the same way. Besides, it shows you care enough to take the trouble. You don’t have to step out in the latest haute couture, but make sure you’ve ironed your clothes, shone your shoes and combed your hair.

Kindness is mandatory
This applies to everyone you interact with. Your date will not be impressed if you are kind to her but rude and a complete tyrant with everybody else around you. You may have floored your date with your charm, but if you snap at the waiter in the restaurant ‘ you’re history.

Smile a while

Smile when you talk as well as when you listen and maintain eye contact all the time. A little smile can have an electrifyingly positive effect on anybody and sweep them off their feet. A grumpy demeanor, on the other hand, can turn off even the most positive person.

What not to do on a date

If you’ve managed to dress well, arrive on time, smile your way through and be kind to everyone you’ve met, then you’re more than half way through impressing your date. However there are still a few pitfalls that you should make sure to avoid:

– Do not hog the conversation. Listen twice as much as you talk and your date is sure to think you are the best conversationalist ever.
– Do not flirt with anybody else you may meet while you are on your date. You wouldn’t want it done to you, would you?
– Do not invade the other person’s space. You need to respect your date’s boundaries and not try to solicit private information or come on too heavy.
– Do not ever gossip about others or reveal intimate secrets about your other dates. It implies you cannot be trusted and your date will be on guard continuously.
– Don’t just order something that you like and expect your date to like it too. Both of you are entitled to have different tastes and preferences.
– Do not scoff at your date’s taste in food or wine. After all there is no accounting for taste; your date may not like what you’ve ordered.
– Avoid talking endless about your job. It’s interesting for a while, after that it could be downright boring to the other person.
– Ask before you light up your cigarette. Your date may be allergic to cigarette smoke or just not like it. Better still; just refrain from smoking while you are on your date. It shows you are considerate and have self control.
– Drink in moderation and do not make a scene. Your date will be completely embarrassed and will never want to be seen with you again.

Just remember to do unto your date what you want done to you, and you are sure to be a winner in the dating game.

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