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Using Wind Gadgets in your Garden Décor

Wind gadgets can be used in your garden décor to bring the dimension of motion. Some like weather vanes serve a practical purpose of predicting the wind direction. Others like the whirligigs add fun and festivity to your garden space. Whirligigs can be used in a child’s garden.

Weather vanes

A weather vane also known as wind vane has been used to check wind direction. It is one of the oldest weather predicting tools. Many different types of weather vanes exist but most are made up of basically the same parts. There is the wide and flat part which catches the breeze. This type is normally shaped as a rooster. Then, the arrow weather vane, which is connected to the wide catcher and always point into the direction the wind is blowing. The arrow is what tells you the direction the wind is blowing from. Some weather vanes are equipped with a compass that allows you to tell the precise direction of the wind.

Weather vanes are usually found on top of buildings like barns, weather stations, stores, schools, churches, and anywhere they may serve a purpose as a weather predictor or just for simple décor. The animal that usually perches on top as the wind catcher is a rooster or any other farm animal. Weather vanes are usually made of metal. The part that catches the wind (wind catcher) is wide and flat and usually has an arrow on the other side.

How does a weather vane predict the weather? If the wind is blowing from the south, it is normally warm. A wind from the north is probably cooler. If a breeze comes through, it catches both side of the weather vane causing it to spin until the wind is equal on both side This happens when the vane is pointing in the direction the wind comes from. A weather vane is usually mounted high to catch the breeze unobstructed and also for easier viewing.


Whirligigs have been around since the colonial times. They are considered on of the oldest garden ornaments. They were crafted from wood and attached to a metal or wooden stake placed into the ground. They could be mounted to a deck or porch. They are painted in fun colors that add to their visibility and bring fun to your back yard.

Whirligigs can be used in your garden to give the dimension of motion. The name whirligig is derived from the words whirl which mean to spin and the word gig or a top. Whirligigs were probably invented to help people judge wind speed for possible weather prediction. These days however they are used as garden décor items. Whirligigs were sometimes attached to weather vanes to make them more aesthetic or to aid in judging the wind speed. Whirligigs which are wind powered could also have developed by using the mechanism of a wind mills. Whirligigs are available in many styles; different birds, bugs, or people shapes.

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