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Utilizing Video Stock Footage To Improve Your Marketing Efforts

If you’re in marketing, you know that bringing attention to your product is the first step to selling it. Having a video presentation to run on websites, conventions and trade shows is definitely one way to attract eyes and ears but having a video presentation running that holds the viewer’s attention until you deliver your sales pitch is essential. By using video stock footage of interesting and exciting topics into your presentation you’ll be able to hold attention consistently as you bridge from sales point to sales point.

Fortunately, stock video footage is readily available on a wide variety of topics. This means you’ll be able to incorporate lots of fun and interesting ideas while building interest in your product. Being able to integrate footage from sporting events such as football, baseball or auto racing and other topics such as birds in flight, ships on the water, city street scenes or scenic panoramas literally opens up a world of possibilities when it comes to putting together your presentation.

Planning out your presentation by starting off with a storyboard is a great way to ensure you get everything in it you want. Once you’ve decided how the “story” should go, then it comes time to locate the stock footage you want. You can even take advantage of royalty free video clips which means you’ll be able to save money on your production. Regardless of whether you need standard footage or HD video, there are thousands of choices you can sort through to get the exact clip you need.

Using video editing software you will then integrate all the different video segments together and overlay the soundtrack. While it does take time to get everything exactly how you want it, the great part is that by using stock video, it doesn’t take nearly as much time as trying to shoot and edit your own segments. All it takes is dragging and dropping your video clips into the proper order, overlaying a soundtrack and putting together the title and end credit segments and you’ve just produced a great video presentation.

Video stock footage saves you time, they save you money and the help you put together a great presentation. If you’re in marketing and you have to put together a presentation on your products and services, a video presentation is a great way to attract people and a video presentation using stock footage is a great way to accomplish that.

Using video stock footage can take any project you do to the next level and have everyone hanging on your every word. BBC Motion Gallery has a wide-ranging library with HD video clips, sports and animal videos, archived footage and much more.