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Vail Ski Trips = NightLife, Restaurants, and of Course…Skiing!

What’s the difference between Vail ski vacations and ski trips? Generally, nothing: in both cases, you’ll ski until you can’t ski anymore and then you’ll spend the evening dining in one of Vail’s world class restaurants and then you’ll dance the night away at one of their great nightclubs, filled with fellow skiers like you.

But for many people these fantastic ski trips are slightly different than a ski vacation. Vacations are usually something that you might do to get away from it all with your family or a spouse. A trip, on the other hand, is something you might do with a bunch of people – likely avid skiers – who are looking to make the most of a week or two away.

On a vacation, I kick back and relax: my time is my own and I do as I please. Do I feel like skiing today? Great. I’ll ski. Do I feel like shopping today? Great. I’ll shop.

But for the avid skiers on these trips, it’s all about the skiing. For them, nearly every moment of the day that is not spend swooshing down the slopes is a moment wasted! And Vail offers the perfect spot for a trip like this: there are slopes on the Front Side of the mountain for beginner skiers (as well as ski school, if necessary). There are many slopes on the popular Blue Sky Basin for intermediate skiers…which is most people. And there are many challenging slopes on the Back Bowls for the advanced skier who wants a thrilling ski experience.

Once you’ve mastered these hills, why not take a day trip out to Snowmass Colorado or Aspen Colorado and ski Snowmass Mountain? Try the famous Snowmass chili and watch a Snowmass sun set. The change of scenery will be welcome and you’ll return to Vail with a renewed interest in skiing Vail Mountain.

When booking your Vail ski trips, you’ll need a place to stay. Many of these trips are made fun by going with a whole bunch of people, so find as many friends as you can. You may even get a discount on the airfare or in your lodging and if you find a lot of people, everyone can chip in and you’ll find a great place to stay…like at a rental house with a pool, barbecue, and deck!

To make your vacation even better, don’t worry about bringing any equipment. You’ll be able to rent equipment when you’re there and that way, if you decide to take off for a while to a different town, you won’t have to lug it around with you.

Not sure about how you’ll get around on your vacation? Vail has the best shuttle service in the US and it’s absolutely free…all part of the service to get you to the mountains so you can ski.

Want to go on an amazing ski trip? You should go…find 10 or 20 of your closest friends and make it a trip you’ll never forget.

The author writes articles for his Vail informational website at: Vail Ski Resorts and More!