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Visiting the beautiful city of Barcelona from a holiday apartment apartment

They have so many hot spots for the family, and adults to visit. If you just want to go to the beach, then you can count on going to Platja de Sant Sebastiá and even Platja de Barceloneta. These are two of the closest beaches to the city once you arrive. If you are looking for a change of atmosphere, then the beach is the perfect place to go, which is suitable for the entire family. rn rn If you want to go to visit some nice galleries, and eat at some fancy restaurants, then you should consider El Raval, which is a neighborhood in Barcelona. This area attracts the most visitors, a you can find a huge range of apartments in Barcelona; there are many things to do out there along the strip. Even if you take a walk along the backstreets, you will find many bars, such as the Bar Pastis, the London Bar, or even Marsella. All of these bars are considered bohemian hangouts. You can go on an adventure in El Raval in the day or night, because it is always alive. rn rn The The Mercat de la Boqueria, is one of the most popular markets in Barcelona. It is also one of Europe’s most oldest markets. They sell everything from flowers, candy, nuts, different breads, cases filled with meat and fish, and much more. Here, at this market, you will find only the best products that actually exist in the region. This market tends to be the most visited, even among tourists. It is something to check out if you are in the area, because you will be able to take advantage of everything that they have to offer. rn rn Another hot spot that you may consider visiting, is known as the Plaza de Catalunya. This is actually known to be the heart of the modern centre. In this area, you will find a high concentration of houses designed by Gaudí. All you will simply have to do is pick up one of the traveling guides and follow right through the traces of this architecture that is just so remarkable. You will be able to travel right on through the town and see the most amazing things ever. rn rn Don’t forget about the Hill Montjuic in Barcelona, if you want to see some nice parks, an impressive fortress, and some really great museums. The Miro museum is just one of the many museums that you will get to see at the Hill Montijuic.

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