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Vital Information for Walleye Fishing in Canada

Are you searching for a great place for walleye fishing in Canada? Then you should consider fishing in Ontario where you will find some of the best walleye fishing lakes and rivers in the world. Take Lake Erie for example. Anglers gather together at the west basin portion of this lake to try their hand at catching some of the estimated seventy million walleyes that swim these waters. It is easy to catch your limit of good size walleye during the spring in this area. Bottom bouncers and spinning rigs are recommended for fishing in Lake Erie for the best results.

You also have Diefenbaker where you can catch a variety of large walleye all year long. By August some of the best fishing will be located to the west near Saskatchewan Landing. When the weather is the warmest it is suggested you use bottom bouncers, spinner rigs, crankbaits and live bait to fish for walleyes. These will give you the best results. The walleye tend to stay near the top of the water most all year long in this area. Therefore, you can have some great results by casting into shallow water and pulling the jig back to you very slowly.

The Tobin Lake is well-known as a great place for catching walleyes. Many anglers have brought home fish that weighed over seventeen pounds from this lake. In fact, it is well-known for being the spot where the most walleyes weighing between thirteen to fifteen pounds have been caught over the last several years. The walleyes will move in large groups searching for food from September until the water begins to freeze. The largest walleyes tend to go after leeches and live bait the most.

Bait and Technique Suggestions That Really Work

Now that you know some of the best places to fish in Canada you can improve your fishing skills by using some of these bait and technique suggestions that really work. The most popular technique used for walleye fishing is jigging. It seems to be the one technique that more anglers have the most success with the majority of the time. The jig is a simple invention that consists of a hook that has a lead filled head. They come in a variety of sizes and colors to accommodate all fishing conditions.

They are ideal for all types of water whether it is clear or murky, calm or windy. There will be a jig that will work perfectly for all occasions. They can also be used for deep or shallow water fishing. They are inexpensive so there is absolutely no reason to not have a big supply of them available. Therefore, you should stock your tackle box with a wide variety of jigs.

Keep in mind that things are always changing under the water even though it may look the same form where you are. For this reason, you need to not get stuck in a routine. Mix things up once in awhile, especially if you are not having any luck catching the walleye with the bait you are using. Don’t be afraid to try something new even when it is not what was recommended for that time of the year or the particular area in which you are fishing. If you are not getting the results you are after, try changing to a different color or size to see if it makes a difference. The walleye may just be in a picky mood.

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