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Want to Keep Warm? Choose UGG America

In the season full of falling leaves, in the season full of sunshine but also gray atmosphere, the only thing that can conquer these seasons is the temperature of the color, Therefore, when winter comes, the fans of UGG boots and editors would aspire to get warm, and the UGG high boots, as the famous brand, are always the focus of concern, this is because of its cute appearance and wool of first-class quality, and the warmth it brings us spread all over the winter.
Introduction about UGG:
This is a legendary brand, since people can not appreciate its odd, ugly and stupid appearance in the beginning, however, it is just this brand that has been popular all over the Europe and Asia, nowadays, the UGG boots is popular among the whole world, and we should mainly attribute this to the stars from Europe and America.
Stories about UGG: In the World War One, the rise of UGG boots began in Australia, and at first, CGM, a high end brand, was responsible for the production of UGG boots. Pittsburgh is the traditional industrial city in the USA. There a small quantity of the boots was made.
Then the Australian pilots used two pieces of sheepskin to wrap their feet in the shape of shoes to resist cold, Later, this way gradually became a fashion in Australia. The UGG boots were first called ugly boots (this referred to the ugly appearance of the boots). Later; the Australians gave it a nickname UGG. This meant that the boots had rounded head and were made of fur. An American got the registered trademark UGG in 1994. So UGG is an American brand, what’s more, instead of the previous manufacture—Australia, china has become the producer. Nowadays, the popular brands in America are the following ones: UGG,CGM, etc and others such as JUMBUGG,Yellow Earth and so onIt is said that|It is learned that}, at present, a company in Taiwan is responsible for the production of CGM boots, and the producing factory is in mainland china. CGM is also a popular brand in Europe and America.
The wool in UGG feels very soft. In winter, it always makes you fascinated. Not to mention its warmth retention property, whenever at the sight of its cuffs, you are sure to love it, for the cuffs are very cute.
Maroon is the best selling color of UGG boots, because it is easy to match with clothing and gives people a sense of sedate feeling. This style of UGG boots looks simple and cutely stupid. And this wins much love.
In this design, the wood button is sure to impress you a lot, because this style of UGG boots is not similar with the previous ones, ugly and heavy, what’s more, the wool on the boots end seems very cute.

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