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Water Skiing History

You might be old but the sport is older. It’s been quite a while since people have been having a go at it.

Ralph Samuelson of Lake City, Minnesota in 1922 was the first recorded person to have water skied.
He was a master even when the world was watching it, he tested the skies, the flying boat, the jumps and the landings. Nobody knew better than him.

By 1946, it had gained the much needed publicity and now was the time to bring in some rules and regulations, the need to organize the game.

1946 saw the emergence of the World Water Skiing Union, being set up..In 1949 at Juan-les-Pins, the first World Water Skiing Championship was held, a total knock out event.

People did not have the movements early on in the 40’s. The freedom was with the boat. The free rope arena took off only after 1950’s when the rope was given to the skier.
Lesser expenses and better boats have given the sport a boost.

Demography has played a major role for this sport, countries with warmer climate have made the progress quickly than those from colder areas..

Any one any where can be a pro at the game, if we just adhere to the rules and strict practice.

A thorough family sport, even the ones with water fear can have a blast by watching their loved ones strutting their stuff in water, what’s more, an ideal sport for a vacation, pumping up everything within and outside.

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