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Ways to Communicate with Your Customers

It doesn’t matter whether you sell goods or services as the fact remains that you have to communicate with your customers. This is particularly the case if you run an online business where customers expect a response at any time of the day. There is no 9 to 5 on the web!

It is important that you are seen to communicate and on a regular basis. After all you want to be seen as a business which listens to its customers and provides solutions to their problems rather than an uncaring, uninterested provider. So, ensure that you have more than one form of communication tool in place.

Communication tools These days you have a variety of ways to communicate with customers which include:

• Email
• Text
• Newsletter
• Phone
• Face to face
• Blog
• Twitter
• Facebook

The methods people choose depend upon age, background etc. Young people will prefer to communicate by text or Twitter whereas an older customer may prefer an email or phone call. They will increasingly, contact you via their smartphone or tablet computer rather than a desktop system so make sure that all versions of your site are functional and up to date.

Rapid response

If you trade online then ensure that you are accessible and respond promptly to queries. Make sure that your customers can contact you safe in the knowledge that they will receive a reply. If you ignore them or take too long to reply then don’t be surprised if they vote with their feet (or their mouse!) and go elsewhere.

But if you respond in a timely fashion then this will reassure the customer and send out a message that you are a company who cares and is focused on its customers. But it will take more than a single interaction to build trust between the two of you so provide the same high standard of service each time a customer contacts you to engender that trust.

Getting the message right

Whatever form of communication tool you use it still needs to convey a clear message about what your business does and stands for. Think about how you come across to a customer and what they expect from you.

Remember: they will only approach you because you offer something others don’t so you need to capture their attention as there is no second chance if you fail to do so. Find out what they need by sending them a text or email or conduct a short survey to ask them for their feedback. This is a useful method for finding out what customers really think about your business (and your website) even if the information they provide is brutally honest!

Get your marketing messages right and you will have customers for life.

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