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We Should Make Suitable Way For Ourselves

Speed and distance themselves don’t result in tiredness. But the reason is the running speed and distance exceed what you can accept utmost with ease. Maybe I will feel tired after running half a mile while you could run as far as 20 miles without any difficulty. Fatigue will become more and more for your being weary everyday. Physical discomfort is one of the manifestations of accumulative weariness’ influence. You often feel fretful, ill-tempered and irritated, but you can not give enough emphasis on it. It seems that daily work obligation has become a nasty problem. There are many other forms of expression of accumulative fatigue such as.
Your joints, muscles and legs will be more painful in such cases, and especially in cases where situations are more serious, it is much more worse.
Having difficulty getting off to sleep or sleep unsoundly.
There is much more possibility to catch a cold, to blister and snivel.
Always feel thirsty (due to dehydration).
Having a feeling of weariness, especially after you have had a whole night’s rest. This is just the reason. If you possess one of the above symptoms, you needn’t to worry about. However, if you have two or more than two symptoms, it is nearly true that you are overweary. Remark measure is to have a temporary rest. Stopping running for one day, or reduce half of your running distance in two or three days. Firstly, do not run fast. When your energy and enthusiasm recover, you can return to normal running.
If you will participate in a competition, especially a long-run competition, you will feel weary for days after competition. You may think that you are feeling good, but it is true that tiredness is hidden in you, as a result you will catch a cold, injure you muscles and may suffer worse situation. Attention should be paid on the efficiency of running.
The main opponent of correct exercise is probably doctrinarism. As long as we make up a systematic life plan, we will not change. For example, we decided to run for two miles, but finally we ran only one mile, we will consider it to be a kind of frailty. Nevertheless maybe the reason is that we had better do like this instead of regards of frailty. Running stresses effectiveness.
In the 19th chapter it came to the situation that I ran with the most admirable athlete around the world Bill Roger. Seeing he running is just like the operation of a well-designed machine. The reason is that it seems to be very concerted for every part. Though this is a gesture of splendor, for you and me, it is rather stupid to imitate him.
The reason is that our physical constitution is different. Each joint of our skeletons and the centers of gravity of each part differ from everybody. Once we seek to imitate Rogers or somebody else’s running gesture, it will be harmful to our own body and this will increase the risk of being injured.

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