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Website Downtime and Maintenance

A major worry for any online business is that of their website going down, preventing access to your customers and suppliers. This has serious repercussions which include a loss of trust and unfortunately, a drop in customers which then impacts on your turnover. In order to avoid this it is important to find a reputable b2b internet marketing agency or web company who provides professional and reliable web hosting and backup services.

Causes of website downtime

What causes a website to go down? There are several reasons for this which includes:

• Hardware faults

• Viruses

• Corrupted files

• Programming errors/bugs

• Accidental file deletion

• Malicious intent/hacking

Then there are situations where the website is temporarily offline, for example software updates or upgrades to the operating system. These are part of a normal maintenance routine but need to be scheduled at an appropriate time.

And finally, natural disasters such as fires, floods and storms.

Signs that your website has gone down

If you notice that pages are taking too long to load, or fail to load altogether, or the site keeps crashing then you have the dreaded website downtime. And the longer the site is down the greater the risk of damage to your business reputation and your search engine rankings.

Impact of website downtime

But the big problem is that of customers: web customers can be fickle and if they are unable to access your site then they will go somewhere else. Plus if this happens more than once then they are less likely to return and may discuss this on forums and other forms of social media which has a negative impact on your business.

Another thing to remember is that if you are looking to attract investors or similar companies with a view to collaboration then downtime or glitches can put paid to that. These people will see you as a liability and as someone who may have a damaging effect on their own company which will have the opposite effect. Kiss goodbye to any investment.

Preventing website downtime

There are situations such as upgrades which cannot be avoided but others can be prevented by a few common sense measures which include:

• Make regular back ups

• Use Google Webmaster tools which will notify you of any potential problems.

• Notify customers/suppliers when your site is down due to essential maintenance, e.g. software upgrades. Let them know how long it will take and when the site will be back up and running.

• Keep calm!

The web is not perfect and glitches do happen. The issue is how you deal with them. If you have a good, reliable web team then they will take care of any problems and work hard to get your site back to full operational status.

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