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Wedding Flowers for Blended Families

Weddings for blended families present challenges unique to them. There are many things to consider when planning these weddings and couples have to know from the start that there will be added stress that wasn’t present the first time they both got married. While your own extended family may have gotten smaller if you divorced, your children’s extended families is about to double in size. This wedding is not just about you and your future husband. It’s about your children too.

If your darling little ones will be acting as flower girls and ring bearers, you have to consider inviting at least part of your ex’s family and perhaps even your ex-spouse. Grandparents usually don’t want to miss out on this event in their grandchildren’s life and they very well might want to be there. Of course, if there’s still a lot of bitterness and fighting, then it is best to keep everyone at the proverbial arm’s length!

Since it’s obvious that there will be additional stress involved with this wedding, why not eliminate some of it by ordering a silk wedding flower package? This can be done from the convenience of your home or office and the selection is fantastic! You can order silk wedding flower sets that include the bridal bouquet, as well as the wedding bouquets that your bridesmaids will be carrying. Boutonnieres, corsages, flower girl baskets and ring bearer pillows are also part of the package, which can be customized to match your individual needs. By choosing to order silk wedding flowers, you eliminate the last minute panic as you wait for the florist to arrive with your flowers. There won’t be any mix-ups that can’t be corrected, no broken off blossoms and no pre-wedding anxiety over whether or not you’ll actually like the flowers. Besides, this is a new beginning. If you carried a fresh bridal bouquet in your first wedding, then now is the time to carry silk! Besides, your fresh wedding bouquet died, right? Silk will “live” forever, just like this new marriage of yours!

If this second marriage does include children, a beautiful symbol of the blending of these families would be to add a birth month flower for each child to your bridal bouquet. For example, suppose you have two children, one born in May and the other in June. Your groom has three children, with birthdays in January, March and August. This blended family bouquet would include lily-of-the-valley, a rose, a carnation, a daffodil and a poppy. Now let’s assume that the wedding is in November in Connecticut. Daffodils are out of season, as are lily-of-the-valley. Poppies don’t hold up well in wedding bouquets no matter what. The solution would be to use silk wedding flowers and add them to the bouquet. If you use a silk flower for each of the months, then you could pull the appropriate flower out of your bridal bouquet and hand it to each of the children before you leave for your honeymoon. This would be a special way to recognize each member of your new family.

Bonnie Goodwin Ray has more than sixteen years experience in the wedding industry. She is the author of Wedding Planning Made Easier and has become a leading expert in silk wedding bouquets design.