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Weight Lifting Workout Program

If you are like me then you are probably waiting for someone to tell you a weight lifting workout program that you should do, I am going to do just that.

The program I do is essentially a three day weight lifting program with four days off. his program is not only weight lifting but conditioning as well. Here is the weight lifting workout program I do:

Monday: To start out do any warming up you want to do. It could be doing a light jump roping or just stretching. Monday is going to be a heavy day so you will be doing 3 sets of 6 reps. I begin by doing incline press followed by hang clean. After hang clean you should move onto bench press and then squats.

To perform the next exercises, abs, you will need to get a medicine ball and a partner to perform these exercises. You will begin by doing an overhead pass with the medicine ball to your partner. As you pass the ball do a sit-up and do not go back down until the ball is back in your hands. You will do 20 reps of these.

The next ab you will do is the chest pass, performed the same as the overhead pass but you pass the ball from your chest, and you also do 20 reps. The final ab exercise you do is obliques which is where you lift your legs into the air and tap the ball on both sides of your body. This will end your exercise for Monday.

Tuesday- Off.

Wednesday- You will perform all the lifts that you did on Monday, incline, hang clean, bench, and squats, but you will do a pyramid workout. This means you start out with a light weight and do 8 reps, the second set you do 6 reps, the third set you do 4 reps, and the final set you do 2 reps. You should add weight in between each set and on the final set you should be either unable to do the last 2 reps or you should struggle.

Rather than abs you will be doing push-ups today. You will still be doing 20 reps for all the sets and you will need the medicine ball and a partner. The first pushup is the overhead pass which will require you to get on your knees. You will throw the ball to your partner from over your head and then perform a pushup.

The next set will be a chest pass, performed the same way as a over head pass but the ball is passed from the chest. The final set will be a scoop pass which is where you hold the ball down, throw it over your partners head and then perform a pushup.

Thursday- Off.

Friday- You will do all the exercises that you did on Monday and Wednesday but you will do 4 sets of 10 reps. You should also be doing abs and pushups on this day.

That is it. Do this three day weight lifting workout program with four day breaks and you should be gaining muscle and feeling great.

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