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Weight Loss Begins In The Head

Copyright (c) 2010 William McKenna

Do you know that only 13-20% of dieters who intentionally try to lose weight, are able to lose up to 5% of their body weight and keep their weight down for 5 years. Why is that? Because up until recently, focus has been on weight-loss strategies that require will-power, alone. Difficult diet regimes that force us to keep up high levels of will power for long periods of time are not practical, and almost impossible for most of us to sustain. Will power is a difficult thing to achieve in this manner. On top of this, dieting in this way does not address, emotional issues relating to our eating habits, or indeed the psychology of weight-loss, which acknowledges that successful weight-loss begins by changing how we think.

Weight-loss And Sabotage

Recent research showed that lack of motivation was a top reason for unsuccessful weight loss in overweight patients. As well as this, alarming links have been made with people who are overweight because of some underlying emotional disturbance leading to self-sabotage, lush as child abuse. Literally overeating as a kind of punishment or a lack of self esteem leading to a laziness with eating habits. Also, in these situations dietary attempts to lose weight will not work, as dieters give up before losing weight.

Comfort Eating

Of course comfort eaters don’t necessarily have serious psychological problems. For some a bad day at work, or argument with a loved one is enough to reach for the fatty snacks. If you don’t change the way you think, then even if you lose weight you will go back to the same habits.


Many people are not satisfied with their appearance, because of low self esteem. These types use negative language to describe themselves, and will always find flaws when looking in a mirror. They might think ‘my hips are too big’ ‘my arms are enormous’ ‘I hate my hair’ etc etc. Even if they lose weight, it wont make a difference until they change the way they feel about themselves. Healthy levels of self esteem will lead to a healthy interest in eating well. If you care about yourself, you will care about your health, and will want to keep the pounds off.

Confronting Bad Habits

People who want to lose weight, often have one thing in mind. “I want to look thinner!’ Mainly concerned with how they are going to lose weight, dieters rarely think about why they have gained excess weight. It is not enough to have willpower to lose weight for a a few weeks. Looking at the unhealthy habits, and changing the mental attitude towards your lifestyle is crucial in maintaing weight loss.

In the obesity epidemic which affects a majority of the population in some manner, it is important to have mental awareness of the unhealthy attitudes which lead to weight gain in the first place. Weight loss is not effective without a shift in mindset to match it.

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