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What a Good Directory Submission Entails

The reason as to why most sites and blogs on line seek directory submission is to get back links and traffic. We all know that traffic is very important in any on line business. There are two main ways of getting the visitors to your site with the help of directories. You may use niche directories where you submit your site to the related directories in terms of content or submit to the search engines such as the Google and Yahoo directly. In both cases, the submission is very helpful in creating back link to your site that eventually adds visitors to your site or blog. Let’s look at what a good submission to a directory entails.

You should always choose the right directory for your submission before going into the details of the submissions. The chosen directory should have a high PR ranking to ensure more relevant back links are created.

1. The heading or title

Every directory submission should have a unique heading. Different directories have different types of headings but they all revolve around the websites name and keyword phrases. Since you may not be aware of what your directory may be in need, it’s always wise to be armed with both headings in order to shift from one to the other in case what you present is not required.

2. Description

Although the description varies from one directory to another, it should always be short and precise. Its length should never exceed fifty characters and should always be anywhere between 15-25 for short and 30-50 for longer descriptions. The descriptions have guidelines that restrict extraneous characters other than periods and commas, use of all caps, capitalizing every word or listing the keywords. The extraneous characters comprise of question marks, asterisk, colon, semi colon and other signs. Failure to follow these guidelines may lead deletion of your description.

3. Record

In case you are doing the submission all by yourself, you are supposed to keep the record of all the details. This includes the directory submission date, the URL of the directory and the track o f your paid submissions. You may also record any necessary notes.

4. Submission category

You should always submit to the correct category within a directory. Failure to this may lead to deletion of your submission. Getting the right category is easy as you are only required to type in the keywords in the main directory page and choose from the categories that will come up. You may decide to choose the category of your competitors or any other. After choosing in the first directory it’s easy for the others since the directories have the same format.

5. Timing

You should always take your time during directory submissions. Submitting to many sites at the same time may be mistaken by some engines such as Google to be artificial links. This may lead to penalizing instead of rewarding and hence the importance of taking your time during the entire submission to all directories.

Directory submissions have to be done effectively when it comes to increase the page ranks of a web page. Get your web pages come up on google with link building performed by our professionals.