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What About A Garden Tractor In Your Garden?

The garden tractors were invented towards the end of nineteenth century. The early one were driven be steam, engine. Just before the First World War, the diesel engine driven tractors appeared in to the scene. The tractors were immediately adopted for various farm works, such as digging, lifting the soil and putting it somewhere else. Farmers were highly benefited as this new technology helped them in reducing manual work in farms.

Selection Of Garden Tractors:

they are very beneficial for your garden. However, selection of tractor for you will depend primarily on the area you are going to cultivate or maintain with it. It would be wise to consider a small tiller with 2 to 3HP if the area is less than an acre. If the area is large, say more than 5 acres and the area has large boulders which you may want to move, you will have to go in for a large one with 15 to 20 HP machine. If you are looking for a garden tractor, for normal maintenance, then a smaller one will be ideal for you, provided the boulders are moved by an external agency.

Garden Tractor Pulling:

Garden pulling tractor is a very useful vehicle and considered to a one of the most important part of certain garden accessories. There are several factors and factor that makes a garden pulling tractor, an efficient vehicle. They are mostly cub cadet, built by International Harvester or the early MT-D models. The tractor is mostly equipped Kohler single cylinder K series or Magnum, Flat head (valves in block), cast iron engine block. These engines are packed with up to 16 horsepower (factory rated). Engine modifications include Billet cylinder head, billet connecting rod with a bearing insert, steel fly wheel, forged high performance piston, special ignition system, special stroked steel crank shaft, modified carburetor extended from engine block for improved fuel atomization, special steel camshaft, and intake and exhaust ports made larger with unrestricted intake and exhaust larger valves a long with stiffer valve springs etc. There are special clutch setup along with a stiffer pressure spring and hardened drive shaft material. There are special gears in transmission increased wheel base length, adjustable hitch etc. Up to 49 horsepower @ 7,500 rpm and 55 Ft.Ibs of torque @ 5,500 rpm on racing gasoline horse power is provided to garden tractor pulling.

One must operate garden tractors in a safe way. Most of the people work in their garden, unaided; hence, it is necessary to follow certain precautions in order to save oneself from accidents. Remember, that it may not be possible for you to contact your family members easily. So, adopt some safe practices as mentioned below all the time.

· The tractor that you are operating must be in a good working condition. Ensure that it is designed for work that you plan to do.
· Use seat belts while driving.
· It is always a better idea to walk around and see if any potential trouble exists that you are likely to encounter while going long distance on a new path.
· ‘Concentration’ is the key word. Do not get distracted while you are working on a tractor.
· Driving with extra riders on must be strictly avoided.
A garden tractor may sometime, move on its own due to gravity. Using hand brakes after stopping would be a great option to avoid this situation.

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