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What Are My Choices In Powered Golf Carts?

When choosing from a range of powered golf carts how do you know if what you want is gas or electric powered? Or perhaps what you really want in the powered golf carts you are looking at is one that is run by solar power.

What are the strengths and weaknesses of these choices? Gas fueled golf carts are run on gas just like the average car does. They can be purchased to run on unleaded gas, which is what most people use, or you can get ones that run on diesel. Diesel is cheaper than gas. With these gas golf carts it is suggested you always carry a can of gas with you just in case you run out somewhere on the course. By doing this, no matter where you are on the golf course you will always be able to get around. That is one of the reasons that these gas powered golf carts are so popular. As well, the newer four-cycle models do run cleaner and quieter than the older two cycle models.

Electric powered golf carts do not have this advantage. When you run out of power, that is it. You are stuck wherever you stopped. There is no plug in the middle of the golf course to recharge your cart. The advantage of these electric powered golf carts is that they are environmentally friendlier since they do not pollute at all. They also tend to run quieter than their gas powered counterparts and are also cheaper to operate.

New models are being worked on with different fuels to make them less expensive and cleaner to run. Many companies are experimenting with hydrogen, solar and even hybrid gas/electric powered golf carts.

Tests on golf carts that can run on solar power are still in progress. They have a photovoltaic appliance built into the golf cart roof and so the machine can recharge its batteries with free, renewable, non-polluting power. These are finding good results in their tests and so some of the golf courses are using these solar golf carts. They are working so well that once charged they could be used to complete an eighteen-hole course four times before they require recharging.

Once you have decided what kind of golf carts you prefer and what they should be powered by you will need to decide if you want to buy a new or used one. The basic models range from four thousand five hundred dollars and up depending on size and power. Perhaps it is worth looking at a good used model instead. These can be bought through the classified ads or from dealerships just like the new models and will save you substantial on the purchase price.

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