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What are Stair Lifts?

The ability to go up and down the stairs alone is one of the tasks that they are having problems with and for a lot of people pride seems to get in the way that they do not ask for help from their housemates. Same with the people they live with, even though they are aware of how important it is for them to be assisted, sometimes you just cannot attend to them because you are doing something important as well.

First thing that you have to take note of in considering to purchase a stair lift is how importance is it for you to have it. If your stairs make you hate your contractor or blame your wife for creating a second floor for your house, then stair lift definitely is a necessity. This addition to your home will not only make your life easier, it would also decrease the stress that you are to be faced every day since you do not have to worry about the agony you knees will be faced with every time. It will also decrease the likelihood of accidents since you only have to relax and sit down for you to go up.

We are aware that a lot of retired couples have managed to make large villas for themselves as a home and putting lifts are just much of a cost to be installed, so for this reason, why not resort to stair lifts, right? This option is more cost effective and there is a less change of lifestyle.
There are a lot of stair lift variations to choose from nowadays. There are those which have simple straight chairs. This is the kind which is also the cheapest and the easiest to install. These are placed on the stair tread and not on the wall so if you have decors, you do not need to worry.

Curved stair lifts are able to maneuver around the stairs with half landings. This type is customized for the house as it is rare for a home to have the same stair as the other. It fits tightly so that it can go through and around the curves of the walls.

Ask your occupational therapist about your interest in putting in a stair lift to your home. By doing so, they will be able to determine which kind is applicable for your condition. Aside from this, they might know people who have used this as well so they can recommend the best brands for you. Get her opinion about the advantages and disadvantages of using this so you will be more certain if you need to get it or not.

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