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What Are the Best Hot Tub Accessories?

Today there’s an ever increasing range of hot tub accessories to choose from and what’s suitable for you is really determined by your lifestyle and how you intend to use your hot tub. These are the accessories that you’ll end up getting the most sensible use from. So then the real question is what are the best hot tub accessories for you?

Well for starters if you plan on locating your hot tub off your patio and out in a garden setting, a small deck with perhaps a set of stairs, then a mat for you and your guess to wipe your feet on might be a good idea. Something like this would work well for keeping debris from getting in your tub, which of course is a big plus.

If the hot tub is set out in a garden setting you may have privacy issues to take into account, in this case a gazebo style enclosure may be in order. The good news is that they are available in prefabricated kit form which includes everything. They also require no special skills to assemble; another big plus.

Then again if you plan on positioning your hot tub on a patio there’s something else you may want to consider and that’s the possibility of broken glass. If you and your friends are drinking whilst soaking inevitably someone is going to drop a glass. Cleaning up broken glass off the floor in a home is one thing but broken glass scattered around a patio is a different challenge all together. This is why drink holders and perhaps even a set of shatterproof plastic cups and glasses may be in order. Then again another popular accessory item, if you plan on drinking, is a small refrigerator for keeping all your beverages in. It’s great for convenience and it also means that you won’t have wet bodies dripping water in your home when people head inside to get another drink.

Of course towels and towel holders are two more hot tub accessories that you’ll get a lot of use out of. Towel holders ensure that the towels are always fresh and dry, and large colourful beach style towels can lend a festive touch. Also by having towels at the ready your bathroom towels won’t be dragged outside.

Another hot tub accessory worth investing in is some extra swimsuits that you can keep around for guests who didn’t bring one. Particularly if you plan on entertaining, extra swimsuits at the ready means that guests who didn’t know you had a hot tub or perhaps forgot to bring their own will have something to put on and join in.

Easily the most important of all accessories is hot tub chemicals and cleaning supplies for keeping the tub and water sparkling clean. Make sure that you buy enough so you can have them at the ready because you don’t want them to run out just as you fancy relaxing in the hot tub for the evening. Lastly you would be well advised to invest in a hot tub cover, particularly if you have children.

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