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What Are the Best Ways to Keep a Hot Tub Clean?

The only way that you’re going to keep your hot tub in a consistently pristine condition is to establish a regular cleaning routine; a routine that includes doing certain tasks occasionally and completing other tasks as often as a few times a week, during peak usage periods.

Correct chemical maintenance will ensure that your water is in pristine condition and ready for use whenever you are. The most frequently used of all hot tub chemicals is sanitizer, so checking its level regularly will be one of the tasks that you need to perform a few times a week while you’re hot tub is receiving regular use. A general rule of thumb is that if you use chlorine sanitizer it will require more frequent attention than if you use bromine in your water.

Another of your more frequently performed tasks that you should do a few times a week during peak usage is to check the pH level of the water. A proper pH level of 7.4 to 7.6 will keep you slightly alkaline or basic. Now what you don’t want is water that dips below pH 7.0, this is acidic and acidic water is more corrosive on hot tub components.

An oxidizing shock treatment is used to eliminate oils that make their way into the water by way of bodies, cosmetics, sunscreen and perhaps tanning lotion. Now this task is one that needs to be done about once a week but just like the rest it should be done on a regular basis, particularly during periods of high use.

Then if you live in an area that has hard water you should be aware that the calcium in the water can, over time, lead to unsightly deposits on your hot tub. Worse than this are the calcium deposits that you can’t see that will tend to build up in the plumbing and machinery, and over time work to inhibit functionality.

Use a descaling chemical periodically to remove the calcium that will have gathered up in the filtration system. Even so, be aware that the proper calcium level in hot tub water is between 100 and 200 mg per litre. If it gets any lower than this the water can become corrosive and damage the water heater.

A hot tub filter should be cleaned about once a month and even more frequently during peak use periods. Also make a point of checking the filter as you clean it for any damages that may affect its performance.

Another thing you may want to do is while you have the filter out take a sponge and reach down inside the filter compartment to wipe out as much of the crud that you’ll see accumulating along the walls inside of it.

So there’s a lot of cleaning to do if you expect to have your hot tub in a continuous pristine condition and this is why it’s recommended that you keep a written schedule to make sure that everything gets done accordingly.

Lastly investing in a good quality hot tub cover can go a long way towards keeping your water free of bugs; debris and whatever else can land or get blown into it.

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