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What Are The Reasons For Induced Labour Procedure?

According to an expert gynaecologist in Indore, the term Labor Induction is a medical procedure used by a doctor or midwife to help a pregnant woman during the labour or delivery time.  Though all the possible efforts will be taken to have a normal vaginal delivery, labour induction can become mandatory for specific medical reasons. This situation arises when the EDD has past more than two weeks. Read further to know some facts about labour induction used by medical experts.

  • Reasons for inducing labour:  In a perfect delivery you will get your offspring through a normal delivery at the fortieth week mark.  However, there are health considerations which can prevent natural labour and there could be a few possible reasons to have induced labour depending on the situation.  Such reasons include, abnormal growth of the baby in the uterus, lack of amitotic fluid surrounding the body, diabetes, infected uterine, Rh-blood disease and so on.
  • Breakage of amniotic sac: This is one of the common factors used to induce labour on a pregnant woman.  When this event occurs, the patient may not experience contractions Contraction is a symptom that your cervix is prepared and dilated to yield your offspring out. Since this sac holds the baby, lack of contraction prevents the delivery as it should. It is here, the role of the best gynaecologist in Indore comes into play to decide the mode for your delivery.

That’s it about labour induction and its process. It is always best for you to discuss with your doctor about the need for induced labour during your second trimester. This will give an opportunity to get you prepared in order to reduce your stress levels during the delivery process.