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What Are The Safest Methods For Pest Control?

In today’s day in age, there have been many improvements in the safety of pest control treatments. Also, making pest control methods safer does not reduce the effectiveness of the pest removal. On the contrary, today’s safe practices of removing pests are not only safer, but they are also much more effective than traditional chemical treatments. Safe pest control methods have been the chosen alternative to chemical pest removal treatments for the past several years, and are now proclaimed to be the most popular treatment for both residential and commercial premises.

Although pests will always find a way into our homes and offices, introducing more chemical treatments will never solve the problem. This will aid in the process of getting rid of those pesky pests, but it will increase the risks of hazardous materials entering the atmosphere of the members living in the area.

If you need help identifying what pest problem you have simply contact your local professional pest control company today and invite them in for a free inspection. Be sure to request only Non-Chemical methods to remove the pests from the infested areas.

Non-Chemical methods for removing pests are now introduced as:

Heat – The heat method is the only all-encompassing alternative to fumigation and it may also be used for area treatments. Termites cannot survive temperature over 120 degrees for longer than 33 minutes.

Electro-Gun – The Electro-Gun is a hand-held device that emits 90,000 volts that is lethal to termites. As the current reaches the termite tunnels, the change of color and sound indicate termite activity.

Micro Wave – The microwave system kills termites and beetles inside of the wood within the areas where they live. Placement of the microwave emitter system is at the area of the infestation. In a matter of minutes only, a 10 inch by 10 inch square area is treated.

Borates – Timbor is a Borate solution made by the one company in United States. It is odorless and doesn’t contain harsh chemicals. When applied properly by brush, spray or foam, it protects wood where termites nest eliminating present infestations.

Have a pest inspector come to your area that needs removal and have them explain and recommend the treatment that best solves your termite problems. After years of careful research and extensive field testing, companies are offering alternative methods for pest control. The alternative local treatment methods may be used in lieu of fumigation, depending on the location, visibility, accessibility and extent of the visible and accessible infestations. At times, a combination of treatments may be required. This can only be brought to your attention after a careful and professional inspection, so do the right thing and contact a local professional pest control company today!

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