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What are your opinions about developing a routine during childhood

Anything that is done on a regular basis becomes a routine. But routines can also become very monotonous. Children, need help with even the basic things of life. In order to set that pattern for them, so that when they grow up they can find time to pursue other things, its best to put children on to a regimental routine. A routine that helps them establish an orderly manner of living from a young age and helps make the day run more smoothly. Following a routine is comparatively easy, but developing one is a problem and involves proper planning. It is said that a 21 to 30 day period can fix a habit for a year and if you’re able to counter affect the variables, a routine is set for life. In my opinion, the best way to begin with developing a routine for your child is by observing areas where the child wastes a lot of time. This part could differ from child to child, but nevertheless more or less be the same. For example, a child could spend a lot of time brushing teeth or in the toilet, while another could probably take a lot of time eating or getting ready for school. Children not properly toilet trained could even make a mess of things when they run to the loo after they’re ready. They can’t help it but surely, the parents can.
Developing a routine can be a challenge but it’s worth it and its best to begin in a small way. Note down all the areas where a habit needs to formed, before it can become a routine. Make sure the areas you have noted are not based on a comparison. For example, if your neighbors child, studies early in the morning, it doesn’t necessarily have to be with your child. Your child could naturally have a tendency of sleeping late, and you could set those hours to study without a disturbance. A routine must consider whether there are too many areas that require attention. If so, an attempt must be made to break the day’s events into easy sections. The schedules that you set for your child must be easy to understand and accomplish, yet flexible enough to change. Habits are best developed when a good habit replaces a bad one. Don’t be very rigid, if the child takes time and don’t lose your patience. But once the child gets into the groove of taking up ten min for a bath, and spends 2 hours at study, 2 hours to play, the child is set on a flexible routine, that must be compensated for by the child, incase there are additions in a day, such as a movie, or dining out, the child must feel responsible to make up for lost time.
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