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What Brings About the Most Effective Penis Enlargement?

If you are looking at adding a few inches to your vital private organ, you need to know how to go about it the right way. There are many methods out there and each of them promises to give you the most effective penis enlargement; however, it is important to know which one is really genuine and which one isn’t worth your time and your money.

To understand which the most effective penis enlargement method would be, you must see how they work. First of all, what is the only method in which you can add those all-important inches to your penis? For that, you need to know the composition of the penis. The inside of the penis is mainly comprised of three spongy tissues. One of them, which runs through the center, is known as the corpus spongiosum. Two larger tissues run on either side of this one, which are known as the corpora cavernosa.

Now, when the penis is in its un-aroused (flaccid) state, these spongy tissues hang limp. But when you get sexually excited, your male hormone testosterone directs a significant amount of blood to be directed into these tissues. This is what gives you your erection. However, in some people, the tissues are blocked due to some reason, or the testosterone count is low and hence there isn’t a considerable amount of blood flowing into the penis. Due to this, the penis doesn’t reach an appreciable size when it attains an erection.

Hence, if you are looking at the most effective penis enlargement method, it should be able to tackle both these areas – it should increase the amount of testosterone in your body and it should open up the spongy tissues so that they can receive blood better.
The best way to do that is to use an internal supplementation method like herbal pills. These are good on both counts. Their composition is stimulating for testosterone and they make the spongy tissues more receptive. There’s also an additional benefit – these pills strengthen the pelvic base muscle, due to which the person is able to ejaculate farther.

Thus, herbal pills stand as the most effective penis enlargement method. While other products have their flaws and risks, these are quite safe and work well on just about anyone who has a penis that he needs to enhance.

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